Beyond the Sphere

Wordle: A Spectacle of Warts

It was meant to be a spectacle showpiece More than a message And not just rows of words missing a point In a post with a gentle sense of humour fun That needed a gentle injection of fun… Read More

The Thursday Nonsense Quote: Never Ever

Never say Never say never

The Thursday Nonsense Quote: Numbers

Always ALWAYS keep your eye on the numbers… Sometimes they add up.

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Hastily Cobbled Together

The bat and the ape fought tooth and claw Fancy footwork Made them both fly like flutterbys – Almost

One Minute Ramble: As it was…

As it was Is as it was back then And as it is now Isn’t as it was, It’s as it is,Yet, Back then, As it was was as it is In the moment And as it was… Read More