Down by the Edge of The Lake

Sometimes, life is surreal.

Sometimes, you  just have to look on and wonder.

Wonder what?


The Lake at lunchtime.

I have no idea where those mountains have come from…

I must apologise. I blame Brexit.


A ROW of doves.

Part of a hedgeROW.

A RainbOW of colours.

And a few birds all in a row.

Well, it is Debbie’s One Word Sunday… and the word this week is ROW. I simply had to use a row of photos this week – couldn’t not. Nor could I ignore the chance of including a photo with a spike or two dotted about, for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge.

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I must apologise if my tone was a little ‘spiky’ in the previous post. It was all intentional. It was intended to link discreetly into this post. The spiky points on the star should have given the game away…

Featured in the image is Olive the Peacock. He can be a little spiky at times, as his head feathers show. And his beak is a little pointy too.

I’m really clutching at spikes now…

Spikes ‘N’ Fluff

“Let me get out of here!”

That’s too spiky and he’s taking a photo again!”

Sigh. Models just aren’t what they used to be!

Posted for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge.

Another Photo of An Old Friend

One of Tufty’s relatives has been making a bit of a splash down in Australia of late, being the first ever Tufted Duck to visit the land. Bird-watchers are in a flutter.

They should really have called by this blog; there are literally hundreds of thousands of Tufty photos dotted all about the place. One more shouldn’t make a difference.

Tufty hasn’t been by the Lake for quite a while now, and if Tufty has ventured to the Land Down Under, then good for him… although I have a feeling it is a distant relative that has moved there…

A Quacking Six Word Saturday post.
(Although Tufted Ducks make more of a purring sound than a quack)

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