Beyond the Sphere

Tufty, that is, not me… and a few years ago as well, not today!

Posted for Six Word Saturday.

I’ve finally figured out how to keep part of a photo colour, with the rest black and white.

I experimented, quickly, on two photos. The first, a fuzzy photo of Tufty:

It’s a bit rough around the edges… I was only experimenting to see if I could do it. But, I would go and choose a black and white duck which probably didn’t help matters! However, in the image above Tufty now appears sepia compared to the rest. It does need fine tuning a little.

The second photo was actually a picture of King Rabletop III, from my ‘A Long Long Time Ago’ story series:

I suppose I need to work out how to tone down the colours (although the colours on these images are quite vibrant anyway) and make the black and white appear lighter, but I think I have the basics covered.

Now onto the technical stuff! Maybe…

This is not a rubber ducky.

It is meant to be a gull, floating merrily on a body of water, minding its own business. It’s another quick watercolour scribble that I had fun creating… it was only afterwards that I thought it looked like a rubber ducky. I added the eyes afterwards as well; they didn’t look as boggly before.

Now, I’m not saying I’m available to touch up any weathered classical pieces of artwork that may or may not be lying around, but as this painting shows, I am willing to try anything once!

*And seriously, I’m NOT available to touch up any weathered classical pieces of artwork, no matter how much you are willing to offer.

**And I’ve never owned a rubber ducky.

Today’s photo isn’t the clearest, and I can tell that with my blurry vision, so it must be really unclear! But then, isn’t clarity just another level of perspective?

I quite like this photo because to me, it’s quirky. Look at the two birds on the right… one of them longs to be with the larger group, and the other appears to be unaware the others are there at all!

Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Just make it look natural.

Very pleased to meet you, I’m sure
‘Though I’m not all that high off the floor
I like land, air and wet
But better than that
I like nibbles and bread and much more!

Got any?

I need a surreal escape today, and this little chap has provided just that, with the inspiration for a Silly Limerick! And if you look closely, you will see that the duck is actually smiling (more so in his eyes)!

Yes, they’re hiding in plain sight!

Not that they’re really trying, however!

Another post for Six Word Saturday.

Though through starlight
Silence is heard
The sound of the stars
Carry through the birds
When daylight breaks
And the chorus sings
Listen to the birdsong
And feel the magic it brings

Where are they? Can you see them?

How about now?

You must be able to spot them now:

Two shy little ducks hiding there in the midst of the Swamp. Here’s the first photo again, but this time I’ve revealed their secluded hideaway.

Posted for Debbie’s One Word Sunday.

Top Spot

Just a bird on top of a chimney thing, for Becky’s Top Square challenge.

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Here’s another old friend, Tufty! He was certainly top of the bill when it came to his diving prowess on the Lake… and after diving, where he resurfaced (obviously on top of the water!) would be anyone’s guess!

Another Top Square for Becky’s photography challenge. As usual, click the panel below to go to her site:

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Embers rise slowly
As the chick takes its first flight
Phoenix is reborn

I started a quick doodle, and the colours took me here to a whimsical realm of the imagination. The realm where, just like the phoenix, mythologies can be reborn in any shape or form. Come with me as we enter and explore this strange sphere of the imagination… and then go beyond!