The Sparrow Sings

A gentle breeze And rustling Spring leaves Chirps from within As the Sparrow sings Storm clouds gather And raindrops patter And with a flutter of wings The Sparrow still sings Turbulence and angst Rockets and tanks Yet through all the din The Sparrow STILL sings Differences resolved And as peace now echoes Carried upon the wind Is the song the Sparrow sings (Images from Pixabay) Continue reading The Sparrow Sings


‘Grandeur’ is Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week. I wanted something that would leap off the screen in a splendid and majestic way, but couldn’t think of anything quite so grand. I had a quick look through some old photos and came across these snaps which definitely display nature’s grand style. So, They are a little ‘fuzzy’ as the bird wouldn’t stay still very … Continue reading Grandeur

Double Wordle: Wings and Claws

My feathered friends and I like to sit and laugh, At the exploits of the clot, Mr Jinx the cat He thinks we don’t see him as he follows us Then decides with a sigh And a tail’s swish enough’s enough He’d chase us around Planet Earth If his while it was mostly worth… And he wasn’t dizzy from spinning As betwixt and beyond we’d … Continue reading Double Wordle: Wings and Claws

Storm Doris (including Cute Critter Friday)

Storm Doris blew into town today, and what a ruckus she made! Bits and bobs were flying hither thither and every whither. Birds, attempting to fly forwards were flying backwards at neck beak speeds. It was nigh on impossible to open a door whilst she was in full force… fencing panels became one with the wind, roads were closed and traffic cones were blown out … Continue reading Storm Doris (including Cute Critter Friday)

Cute Critter Friday: Beaks!

Durn dun. Don’t go in the water. Imagine the scene. You’re floating in the Lake, merrily minding your own business. Trying to get a shut eye or possibly two, dozing on a rather cool Winter’s afternoon. Durn dun. See it before you go swimming. You feel a presence approaching. Nonchalantly you pretend to ignore it, not fazed in the slightest… although pretending to snooze, you … Continue reading Cute Critter Friday: Beaks!

Natural Beauty: Birds

#WorldWatercolorGroup I missed yesterday’s prompt of ‘bones’, due to time constraints and some weird phenomenon happening to time itself, but with Hallo Valentine’s swiftly approaching I may be able to claw some time back and use that theme for then. We shall see. Time will tell. Hopefully. On the subject of claws, today’s theme is ‘birds’, so I went for a quick hummingbird. I’ve never … Continue reading Natural Beauty: Birds