An Old Friend Returns!

Look who’s back! It’s Tufty the Duck and Mrs Tufty!

I saw them minding their own businesses swimming around The Lake today… they kept their distance from me, but I think I got a few action shots of them.

They weren’t the only ones keeping their distance, however.

The chap above had his eye firmly on something the other side of the bushes.

And who’s that over there? Is it? Is it???

It is! The Heron returns. He went again shortly after the above photo was taken, unfortunately.

And this chap kept me on the edge of The Bank as he haphazardly yet with marvellous precision clambered over the rocks.

Another fabulous time by The Lake… but then again, time’s always fabulous there!

Brightening up the day!

Whilst walking around the Lake today, I spotted these critters enjoying the Spring sunshine:

A little closer (we don’t want to spoil their fun – there’s enough Sun for all of us!)…

I thought these would make a couple of nice Bright Squares for Becky. And they tie in nicely for my series of posts for Earth Day.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

A bit of a late start.

I don’t want another month to go by where I haven’t had at least one photo for Becky’s Squares. This time around, Becky’s theme is Bright, and my photo is of the bright sky reflected through the ripples in the Lake as Mrs Tufty elegantly swam by.

The photo is square… although the blog theme seems to have other ideas about displaying my photos… hopefully you will too see it in the square format.

I’m also posting this for Six Word Saturday, where no birds have been harmed in the post’s creation. Visit both Becky’s site and Debbie’s (6WS) on their respective links to see more.