A Duck Escape

Very pleased to meet you, I’m sure
‘Though I’m not all that high off the floor
I like land, air and wet
But better than that
I like nibbles and bread and much more!

Got any?

I need a surreal escape today, and this little chap has provided just that, with the inspiration for a Silly Limerick! And if you look closely, you will see that the duck is actually smiling (more so in his eyes)!

Starlight Magic

Though through starlight
Silence is heard
The sound of the stars
Carry through the birds
When daylight breaks
And the chorus sings
Listen to the birdsong
And feel the magic it brings


Where are they? Can you see them?

How about now?

You must be able to spot them now:

Two shy little ducks hiding there in the midst of the Swamp. Here’s the first photo again, but this time I’ve revealed their secluded hideaway.

Posted for Debbie’s One Word Sunday.