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Pinky and Perky

Presenting Pinky and Perky (not their real names*)

Always minding their own business and never minding each other, perching apart just enough from each other yet close enough to appear together at the same time, providing a united front, their body language provides a few clues about their relationship.

Pinky holds a higher authority, and Perky is subservient.

Pinky is alert and Perky aloof.

Pinky wants freedom and Perky is happy as is.

Pinky is wide awake and Perky is sound asleep.

Pinky can’t stand Perky’s snoring.

Perky can’t stand Pinky’s whining.

Pinky blames Perky for getting them both locked outside of their cage.

Pinky wouldn’t listen when Perky said they were still locked inside the run.

Pinky couldn’t settle on top of the cage, Perky was most comfortable.

Pinky had internal ruffled feathers, Perky just went with the flow.

pink squares

I’m just going with the flow as well. Posting the occasional #InThePink post for Becky’s September Squares challenge (the link above will take you to many more pink-themed pics), and having fun doing so!

*I was contemplating pixelating Pinky and Perky’s faces for this post, but that would have hidden their perfect expressions. And besides, their noms de plume protect their identities perfectly.


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Action’.

My interpretation is on the action of heading towards the action. These families of geese recently saw something ‘over there’ and decided to investigate en masse.

Something has definitely caught their attention.

The question, as always, is what?

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Six watercolours in six days. Woohoo!

And this watercolour contains water and colour! Yes, it’s a watercolour water colour! Well, a colourful Mandarin Duck merrily swimming on a lake somewhere. Not my Lake… I’ve yet to see a mandarin there in real life, but you never know… until then, a watercolour (another quick one!) will have to suffice.

For #WorldWatercolorMonth