Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 11

On the Eleventh of December my Creation brought to me three Tufties swimming.

Yes, I know that in the original version of the song, the number of gifts brought matched the day’s number, but it is very safe to say that this isn’t the original version of the song. And besides, I only ever saw one Tufty, so getting three together is a miracle in itself!

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 8

On the Eighth of December my Creation brought to me a muster, nay a pride, nay an OSTENTATION of peacocks.

they sung in ostentation…

I think there may be just a tad more than eight there. Or maybe not.


Counting Ravens

One two three
The ravens gather
Four five six
Do numbers matter?
Seven eight
Circling high
Nine ten
I wonder why…

What Now?

So there I was, eating me cornflakes enjoying a lovely cool breeze, and I allowed my mind to wander. Dangerous stuff that, when eating your cornflakes.

I munched and crunched, and with each bite I could hear footsteps across a gravelled courtyard. “Halt!” A voice shouted as I swallowed.  I took another mouthful, and heard the footsteps start once again.

“HALT I SAID!” bellowed the voice. I started to wonder if the voice was telling me to halt eating, or the imaginary footsteps, whoever they belonged to, to stop marching.

I brought myself back to my senses, and continued eating anyway. Through the open window, I could hear the gaggle of geese fly away into the distance, honking and chattering as they did so.

Maybe Goose Leader wanted some of my cornflakes and was commanding his gaggle to stop and try and get some. Its funny, isn’t it, the things you hear when you aren’t truly listening?