Beyond the Sphere

Elevensies 1.1

Fancy a quick challenge over a cuppa? The Wordcloud challenge that is as easy as 1 to 1. Well, 11. Eleven words in eleven lines, that’s all there is to it. Well, eleven words in eleven lines incorporating… Read More

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Smoke and Mirrors and Safety First

The bearded wizard blinded By a hout of control hash cloud The haudience were reminded Not to try this hat home Safety First. A random nonsense rhyme for Wednesday. Why not?

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Hastily Cobbled Together

The bat and the ape fought tooth and claw Fancy footwork Made them both fly like flutterbys – Almost

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Naff Hair!

I wrote a rhyme about naff hair, Only fit for deletion, so I did, so there! Full of babble, and waffle and gestural descriptions Of lovesick teenagers, blood-slurping vampires, and pineapple encoded binary encryptions It made no sense,… Read More

From Six Words

Before the tea heavy rainfall came Suddenly, then it was clear again Replaced, it was, by a gentle breeze Carrying echoes through the forest’s trees My walk began at the waterfall’s edge With chilled lemonade, nice and fresh…… Read More