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The Wednesday Wordcloud: Naff Hair!

I wrote a rhyme about naff hair,
Only fit for deletion, so I did, so there!
Full of babble, and waffle and gestural descriptions
Of lovesick teenagers, blood-slurping vampires, and pineapple encoded binary encryptions
It made no sense, so after all that
I decided the rhyme, like the hair, was also quite naff.

I wrote a naff rhyme about naff hair
Although now that naff rhyme is no longer there
A naff hole appeared, needing  urgently filling,
So this fills that space… naff yet…

…with a split end like this oddly fulfilling

‘Naff’ is a British term meaning ‘not awfully good’. This rhyme, and its immediate preceding one (/deleted) are entirely based on fiction, any similarities between real folk and the words are purely coincidental and not intended in any way whatsoever. And anyway, the emphasis is on ‘naff’, not hair. Just saying…

From Six Words

Before the tea heavy rainfall came
Suddenly, then it was clear again
Replaced, it was, by a gentle breeze
Carrying echoes through the forest’s trees
My walk began at the waterfall’s edge
With chilled lemonade, nice and fresh…

Based on my Six Word Saturday post, I created this Wordcloud from six of the keywords – I replaced shower for rainfall, but there you have it – and then created the rhyme based on the post itself! I didn’t really need to create the Wordcloud, but if I hadn’t then this would have been a second post that didn’t include an image! And I couldn’t have that!