To be a bird or a butterfly

To soar, freely, up on high

To see the view from in the clouds

Freedom from the maddening crowds

The blue, the grey, the white, the light

The air, the breeze, the sounds, the sights

Swirling, flying up above

To be a kestrel, to be a dove

To enjoy the time, to enjoy the space

To enjoy the elements at a leisurely pace

To be balanced up in the air

To feel those good vibes everywhere

15 thoughts

      1. P.S. I was just looking at the white rabbit picture you did beside me to the right as I post this and I just wanted to say that you really gave Mr. Bunny another dimension! You can not only see the bunny fur, but you can feel the softness…..You can feel the bunny….Just saying 🙂 TGIF !!!!

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        1. I’m pleased you like the bunny, VK. 🙂
          It was one of those finger-painting colour-swirly things I do from time to time… I like the effects it took on too!

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  1. Thank you for the uplifting poem… 🙂 And what an intriguing photo that is! Something about the vividness of the verdant grass, and the particular patterns of the twigs… and the unsettled sky!

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        1. Best not.
          I once dreamt I was flying, like Superman, only I was a centimetre off the ground, and going at a snail’s pace. Everyone had to keep stepping over me!!!
          🤣 🐌 🤣

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