An Interruption

We interrupt (and postpone) the regularly scheduled post with an interruption.

I’m noticing far more negativity than usual of late, some that seems to be directed at me. I put up with some negativity, it simply must be done, but something seems to have whacked the balance out of sorts lately, and I need to take some steps to try to balance the situation.

Ignoring the negativity may help, but it is always there, festering in the background, like a hideous prickly tentacle poised and ready to strike its victim as soon as it gets the chance.

I don’t want that tentacle anywhere near me, so I’m not ignoring it.

I’m setting up a reflective field around me, to reflect some of the negativity back to where it has come from. It’s only a field within my mind – I’m not walking around dressed in tin foil or anything… not that I couldn’t pull off a nice tin foil suit if I really tried, but that would be taking matters a bit to far just to bring the positivity levels up a notch. This field I’m creating is also super absorbent, but only for the GPS (Good Positive Signals).

A force to be reckoned with
Bringing balance back

For perpetrators of negativity, I wish them well with whatever else they are doing, but send a signal within the negativity that is being reflected back at them

When reflected is no joy
So start to Feel Good

Hopefully the message will get through.

If not, I can then start the ignoring route. Or get the old spell book out again, but things aren’t that desperate yet. The spells invoke the Power of Threefold Return, and returning three times the negativity will be no good to anyone… least of all me, and even more so if those negativity mongers are wearing their own tin foil suits. No. Just concentrate on the positives, and we will be fine.

Hopefully, the balance between the positive and negative will come back in line very soon.

Is anyone else on my wavelength? Are you noticing more negativity than usual when doing your usual daily routine? Is the negativity starting to interrupt your positivity? If so, I don’t want to know about the negatives (we aren’t focussing on them here!) but I would love to know if you have any tips, tricks or rituals as to how you are dealing with the situation. Maybe we are experiencing Solar Flare activity – just saying, just a thought. Mind you, it’s done nothing but rain here this week, so seeing any of the Sun would be a bonus… obviously in a positive way!

This interruption interrupted the regularly scheduled post.