Beyond the Sphere


a kaleidoscope of interconnected realms not all make believe Posted in response to Eugenia’s Weekly Theme, Cosmos. #Image: Colorful Fantasy Art by Stacy at


energy flows forth filling imagination with answers required

Life in the Cracks

often overlooked dismissed and disregarded nature finds her place

Spend Time To See The Reflections

by looking closer deeper within true nature is seen A reflection for Six Word Saturday.

Golden Horizon

Watch the horizon Stand by the estuary Be open to all

Energetic World

Waves of energy Emanate around the world Contagion once more? Waves of energy Provide hope around the world Healing from within.

Life Magic

The magic of life Is found not in the living But in the living Abracadabra! The Magic is with us all. Now let’s cast some spells!

From the Depths

From the depths they rise And into the light they soar Hence forth Feeling Good!

Morning Magic

Daybreak once again Sets the magic in motion Nature takes control

Cool Night

Darkness all around Final shards of light in sight A cool night-time glow

Open Space

Blues and whites and greens Fresh air in light and shadow Another warm day

Imaginary Roses

Imaginary Roses Dotted here and there Imaginary roses Welcoming Summer Appearing sometimes Imaginary roses Hint at Autumn’s end Summer or Autumn Imaginary roses Bloom throughout the year The picture is of a woodland scene, without a single rose…. Read More