Abstract Anemone

The Abstract Anemone dazzles its prey by a display of light from deep within its well-lit murky lair. It’s more of a fish than an anemone, hence its name, but it has four flippers that instantly change into claws when the need arises. It’s not friendly but has no teeth.

This is where my blank canvas took me today. I splodged. I splattered. I bubbled. I babbled. I created a creature and then wrote about it in fifty words. Creativity doesn’t always need to make sense… sometimes it’s more fun when it doesn’t!

Anything is possible!

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 23

On the Twenty-Third of December my Creation brought to me…

A selection of snowmen from Yesteryear.

These were all created for Christmases past.

And much fun was had during their creation. Creation is such a wonderful thing when you stop and think.

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 22

On the Twenty-Second of December my Creation brought to me a Christmassy alien bouquet:

Obviously, alien worlds may have no concept of Christmas whatsoever, but they may have a concept of Angels, so I’ve included Archangel Michael as well. And a couple of candles, for good measure.

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 21

On the Twenty-First of December my Creation brought to me twenty-one Christmas Stars:

Not really very festive, I know, but if you look into the image, through, or beyond the sphere (hehehe!) the image takes on an almost 3D effect. Or that may just be my eyes. You could just imagine it to be a Christmas bauble if you only see the flat image.