Range of Colour

Range of Colour

This is an ATC-sized watercolour pen creation I did a while back which I wasn’t particularly happy with. It’s somewhat abstract with the floating tree-like thingies at the bottom of the picture and the colours used.

I covered the painting (penning?)  at the time of creation with a Pébéo fluid really just to see what would happen. It just made the surface shiny so I thought nothing more of it.

The texture caught my eye today, so I took a photo of it. I quite like how the shine in the photo enhances the texture, and the colours.

I still don’t know if I like the painting, but I like the colours.

ATCs are Artist Trading Cards, which measure only 2 12 by 3 12 inches, and are fun to create. I think I may have a go at creating more of these little masterpieces. Well, you never know!

Shattered Light

The light may appear shattered, darkness strangling all that is good. Shadows etched with fear and uncertainty. But fear not! Nothing will shatter the light. The light disperses into a rainbow of bright colours, diminishing the darkness causing it to lose its icy grip. The light shines through. The darkness is only there to illuminate the light, and the light will continue to shine when the darkness is long gone. So yes, the future is bright. The outlook good. Keep the hope, spread the light!

Ten To One

They say it is both a healer and great teacher
But it’s also a mysterious and devilish little creature
It tends to drift as it eagerly waits
For early arrivals or those coming late
When in short supply it speeds
Regardless of any desperate need
But it plays games
Fanning its flames
It chimes:

Into the Slipstream

The Slipstream

Stars that aren’t stars
And things that aren’t things
Dreams that aren’t real
And voids closed off for exploration
Abstract anomalies
Absurd realities
Invasive thoughts
And hidden agendas
Buried truths and obvious lies
Misleading facts
And doubts amplified by their own echoes
Slip down the rabbit hole
Ride the streams of consciousness and see where you end up
And possibly answers
Possible answers
Clouded amidst turmoil, swirling, bobbing
Is what you know what you know?

Now back to reality.

Minutes of Fun!

I’ve visited random-art.org and ‘created’ a few abstract masterpieces in a matter of minutes.










and finally creation:

Maybe it isn’t as random as the name suggests, but it’s an interesting way to pass a few minutes. And a fun few minutes if you happen to like colour!