Escapism is switching on one’s computer and losing oneself in the workings therein. The opposite is switching on one’s computer and losing oneself in its workings. That is frustration.

Escapism is closing one’s eyes, and instantly transporting oneself to a tropical paradise island beach. The opposite is spending a fortune on a holiday to such a place only for it to be the rainy season. That is Sod’s Law.

Escapism is living with the unwanted bits ever-so-slightly edited out. The opposite is living without escapism. Or just living… which on its own could always use a bit of an improvement.

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Living in this World

The hardest thing to do in this world is live in it

That’s a roundabout quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, years ago. When I first heard it, I thought it a silly quote, but it didn’t take long for it to dawn on me just how true it is.

If we’re not destroying ourselves with toxic gases, we’re either blowing each other up, or shooting one another to death. We’re trying to take what isn’t ours, show our ‘superiority’, claim dominance, declare independence, publicly display our dirty laundry, turn blind eyes or threaten and control the masses with spoken or unspoken words.

In the midst of all this ridiculous chaos, everyday normal folk, folk like you and me, have to live in it and with it. We’re bombarded with all of this doom and gloom day in day out. We’re brainwashed into seeing just how bad it is to actually live in this world.

I think today I started to believe it.

Apparently, in December, we came to within a hair’s breadth of being eradicated out of existence. A massive meteor exploded over one of the oceans, away from prying eyes, but not that away. It has recently been discovered, so someone’s seen it. It was probably deemed unwise to tell us about it before the event; or maybe it was fed out to some of us but not all, and was swallowed up with some other gloomy scenario; or maybe there’s only so much bad news we can constantly be drip-fed.

I said I think today I started to believe it. I then thought again.

The world is a big place. The events we are being bombarded with are small in comparison. Even trivial to take things to the extreme. Next week something else will replace them, equally so important that we must be told about it every five minutes.

It’s no wonder our minds are warping when we’re given the ins and outs of every little detail from one side of the coin, and told not to share or discuss it on the other. Or we aren’t given the full facts, and then allowed to let our minds wander and fill in the gaps. Or we’re told what is right and wrong to think. All subtly, obviously. Major negativity needs to be subtle.

My. My mind has wandered. I blame the headache. In this country, smoking in the workplace is banned. Some of my colleagues think that doesn’t include e-cigarettes, so they smoke them in the office, even though they’ve been told that too is banned. I can’t stand the smell of them. They give me headaches. I mention it. I see blind eyes turn.

Toxic gases. Selfish people. Two sides of the coin. One world.

The hardest thing to do in this world is live in it.

But live in it I must.

I refuse to be swallowed up in the charged quagmire that I’m apparently living in. I focus on the positives I can find, when I can find them. Headache or not. I take myself off to my Place of Peace and Tranquility when I get the chance. I wrap myself in words; in imagination; in colour; in art; in creativity.

Someone negative will say I’m living with my head buried in the sand.

I say to them I’m living in my world. And my world may be flawed, it may be little, it may be confusing, but it’s fantastic. My positives outweigh any negative that is thrown at me. My light grows brighter in my world, and sometimes it’s good to just let it out.

Let it go.

And that goes for the negatives too.

Near Death Experience / Reassessment

My Words:
Tears. Lock. Clock. Cogs. Age. Jack. Lad. Slot. Tag. Glad. (10)

Stream of Consciousness based on a true story.

The traffic grid-locked, although ahead my lane is clear. Indicate. Pull out. Drive forward. Traffic lights red ahead. Dead ahead. Jack-the-lad in white van decides he wants my lane and pulls out into my path without looking. I swerve with an inch to spare. Slot back in to my lane. Heart pounding. Driver behind oblivious. Still we both live. I can age another day. No tears.

This year’s clock is running fast. Almost tropical temperatures for February get the cogs working overtime. Highest temperatures ever tagged, yet still frosty mornings. Glad the weather’s normal?


I think that needs reassessing.

100 Words.

A Nightmare on a Saturday Morning!

Well, a borderline bad dream, anyway!

My all-singing all-dancing supercomputer has stopped working. That said, it is working, just some of the programs on it aren’t. Programs suddenly close down on opening, and can’t be uninstalled to be reinstalled. Even some of the options in the Settings menu will not run. I recently had one of those pesky Windows updates, which I think must be the cause as it is too much of a coincidence otherwise.

I can’t uninstall the latest update either. Well, I can part of it, but not the whole thing.

I can’t uninstall my security program, as I thought that may have been the cause to begin with, but not being able to uninstall that, using their own uninstaller program, made me realise the issue was something else.

Somehow, I found out that my all new all-singing all-dancing supercomputer is using an old version of Windows 10, so I’m now going through the process of installing the latest version. It’s at 50% as I type. I’ve been installing it for about three hours now.

It’s a high-speed computer, so it’s going well.

I’m installing my downloads for one of my art programs onto my other computer, and there are thousands of them, so that is taking time as well. This other computer is the one perched at the end of the desk I mentioned a while ago. The one where I have to work at with an arched back.

So, I have one thing installing one thing and another another. And I’m playing Wordament on my mobile phone as I wait. I keep getting words wrong. Three-letter words. Fortunately, four letter words seem OK. One of the games had letters that made up the words B-A-C-K and A-C-H-E. I’m sure it was trying to tell me something.

Maybe my internet provider is wondering what I’m doing. If they read this post, they’ll know.

As I’m typing this, my art program has completed its latest download, and my other computer’s download has shot up to 70%, so maybe I’m being my own worst enemy by doing everything at once.

I just need to post this, and then I will leave things to their own devices.

I must allow myself more patience.

There. That’s a better set of six words.

A rambling Six Word Saturday post.

Six Word Saturday

Let the Blogging Commence

No, not commence.



Start again?

No. That isn’t quite right.

Begin over.

Nah. That doesn’t cut the mustard.

Start where I left off?


Carry on as before.

No. No. No!

Pick up where I left off.


Slide back on in there…?

Oh. Most definitely no.


Oh, come on.

Now that that Valentine’s nonsense is out of the way, normality returns once more to Beyond the Sphere. Folk ask the question “What is normal?” And I have to agree.

Here’s a photo of a pomegranate:

Yes. Things are back to normal. And the image is from Pixabay. It isn’t even mine.