Beyond the Sphere

Nice for the Time of Year

Questions needed answers Thoughts needed to be filed So I lay back and listened To some music for a while Looking for a meaning I settled nice and still Nothing was forthcoming ‘Though I was very chilled I… Read More


Is life life how we see it Or is life life how we live it? Is life life how we dream it Or is life life as it is?

Spiral Beginnings

Stars expelled As arms revolve Dust gathers Life evolves Time unfurls Uncontrolled Realities merge Creating worlds

It Within

Light shone through the cracks as though it were escaping the confines of a wicker box. How the light got inside is a mystery for another day – surely the light should be outside? Perhaps that’s where it… Read More

As it was…

As it was Is as it was back then And as it is now Isn’t as it was, It’s as it is, Yet, Back then, As it was was as it is In the moment And as it… Read More