Beyond the Sphere

A Different Landscape

  Stars above vanish As the future changes shape A new beginning A quick scribble and jotted words to celebrate the fact that the Brexit saga finally comes to an end. The United Kingdom leaves the European Union… Read More

Wordle: Patience

Cards on the table, change comes swift Diamonds become spades, clubs or hearts Hearts may become broken as sturdy roots shift Weeping tears drizzle in parts Aces when low become roots in the trail When high they’re the… Read More

Thank you for your patience

Apologies for it taking me so long to reply to the wonderful comments you have left on my recent posts. After posting this post, I can’t promise that I’ll be replying any quicker, but I will get around… Read More


Patience is a virtue. Quite literally. Back in the day of ancient Roman times, Patience was Patientia, the personification of endurance, patience, the ability to weather storms. Patientia appeared seated on an old Roman coin of Hadrian’s, a… Read More

Introducing Patience

From this day on, I shall be mindful of just how patient I am. It isn’t as though I’m impatient, although at times I am, I’ll admit it. Usually when I’m waiting, or wanting to get things done,… Read More