A Different Landscape

different kind landscape


Stars above vanish
As the future changes shape
A new beginning

A quick scribble and jotted words to celebrate the fact that the Brexit saga finally comes to an end. The United Kingdom leaves the European Union at 11pm tonight, 31st January 2020. Although we are still kind of in it until the end of the year, with little say on the matter, today’s the day we officially go it alone. Again.

We’re gone. Now it’s time to move forwards and show what a great nation we are. Squabbles permitting.

Wordle: Patience

Cards on the table, change comes swift
Diamonds become spades, clubs or hearts
Hearts may become broken as sturdy roots shift
Weeping tears drizzle in parts

Aces when low become roots in the trail
When high they’re the peak of the game
Foundation or goal, the cards stack to the scale
And each hand dealt is never the same

Play forward with eyes open, not with tunnel vision
That will focus on the rot and complaint
Change can also be the medicine from heaven
That reveals the patience of a saint

Thank you for your patience

Apologies for it taking me so long to reply to the wonderful comments you have left on my recent posts. After posting this post, I can’t promise that I’ll be replying any quicker, but I will get around to it, and will reply to each and everyone in due course.

It’s that time thing, you see.

The time thing where we all have a lot of it spare, until we need to do something and we very quickly find all of that spare time simply running out.

I’ve taken a novel approach to tackling this very issue. The approach is working. I can see it and feel it working, although slowly. Which is good. Slowly is good.

I recently mentioned in my post Introducing Patience that I was going to be more mindful of how patient I am. Since that post, I have been amazed at how patient I can be. Just being aware makes all of the difference.

The reason I decided on Patience was thanks to Hollis (AKA Visionkeeper) over at One World Rising. She recently pointed me in the direction of a site called OneWord365, where we are invited to join up and choose one word to live by, or be mindful of, for the next 365 days. That’s all we need to do with the site, register the word and then be mindful of it. Write it. Think it. As often as we can.

There are plenty of words to choose from. Visionkeeper says that she would like to be inspirational. I’ve been visiting her blog for a while now and I can say that she is certainly that. Very often I’ve had my eyes opened slightly wider to a lot of the topics she writes about, and her words always have a positive to feel to them. I like feeling good, and she really does help with that.

So: patience.

I signed up to the site and couldn’t think of a word that I could use for the next year. Some seemed too daunting, others too ‘not quite me’, and then I spotted patience in the list. I say spotted – it actually jumped off the screen at me.

That’s it! All of my Inner Voices squealed at once; Finding patience and living more patiently would certainly boost my day-to-day good feeling.

Word chosen, I completed the registration and that was that.

Obviously, I hadn’t finished the registration, and didn’t add a photo of me or a link to my blog. So impatient was I to get registered!

I’ve twisted those bursts of impatience around, and instead of beating myself up for being impatient, I’m using those times as a lesson in needing to be more patient. When I feel I’m being impatient, I take a mental step back, and already my more patient self takes over.

I also use other folk’s impatience as a lesson also. Whenever someone shows impatience towards me – usually when driving, I’ll add – I tell myself they are showing me ways of how to be more patient. Their aggressive impatience drifts away, and I continue with my journey feeling ever so slightly more patient all because I have been more self aware.

The site says 1804 people have signed up, but I have a feeling it may be more as it was that when I joined. It seems like a good idea, and we could always use a few more of them in the world.

It’s only early days. I do feel a difference, I can state with confidence. If this improves week upon week, I can only imagine how I will feel in one year’s time. But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I’m taking things nice and slow, day by day. And feeling good for it, so that can’t be bad. 

You may notice the word ‘patience’ cropping up every now and again in future posts. I’m just reiterating the word to myself when I use it, but hopefully I’ll be using it in novel ways in my posts.

Well, it’s worth a try. We shall see what happens.

OK then. I was going to end the post there, but decided to have a quick search on the internet for an image of Patientia, the personification of patience, to illustrate this post. There were a few images, but I felt that I couldn’t really use them, and then I spotted this:

A Patientia medal. Notice the year: 1643. Now if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.


Patience is a virtue. Quite literally.

Back in the day of ancient Roman times, Patience was Patientia, the personification of endurance, patience, the ability to weather storms.

Patientia appeared seated on an old Roman coin of Hadrian’s, a denarius to be precise. She didn’t appear on many, as she wasn’t very popular with the folk back then, wasn’t Patientia, and her name was quickly replaced by Indulgentia.

Indulgentia, I must add, doesn’t appear to be a virtue, but she appears to have been well used on a lot of coins featuring different Roman Emperors. I  was guided by Patientia to find the two images above on- line – at first I couldn’t find a single one. They’re not very clear, but Patientia’s name can just be made out.

Needless to say, with a little patience my search brought me the result I was looking for.

Patientia is also a minor planet within our Solar System. An asteroid to be precise, which measures approximately 180 miles in diameter. It can be found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where it orbits the Sun. Patientia is one of the larger asteroids in the belt.

Patientia, the asteroid, was discovered on December 4th 1899 by Auguste Honoré Charlois, a French astronomer who discovered a further 98 asteroids in his lifetime.

On the Patientia coins above, around the right-hand side, is the inscription AVGVSTI; or Augusta, the female equivalent to the male Augustus, or Emperor. Meaning, basically, Empress, it was also used for other female members of the royal Roman households back in the day, and for the odd female deity or two.

And, temporarily it seems, the Augusta title was also awarded to Patientia.

To me, it stands to reason that the Patientia asteroid should be discovered by someone called Auguste. But then again, I’m always looking for links, especially where history is concerned. It may just be one of those strange coincidences over time, but I like the link.

And all discovered whilst looking for patience.

A deity. An asteroid. And a virtue.

Introducing Patience

From this day on, I shall be mindful of just how patient I am.

It isn’t as though I’m impatient, although at times I am, I’ll admit it. Usually when I’m waiting, or wanting to get things done, or frustrated when waiting for something to be done.

I’m more patient than impatient, but I intend to become even more patient. I intend to become the embodiment of patience.

Almost saintly, in fact.

I have to say almost, because there are other areas of my life that I can improve upon.

And I will.

All in good time.


Started already.