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So Long, Farewell and Goodbye, Photobucket

I didn’t use the service very much, but I did when I needed to, and had quite a few photos stored over there when I needed an address to link to. Yesterday, I spotted this down the right-hand side of my screen, where a totally different image should have appeared:

I checked the address out, as they instructed, and found that the only way images from Photobucket can now be shared on blogs or other sites is by paying $400.00 per year on the above price plan only. In their gumpf (slang for random content or text), they said they were notifying users to let them know they needed to upgrade. This is how they notified everyone – by changing the image. The reasons for the change are financial. The site was supported by (what seemed like) a million adverts which now isn’t enough to support the site. They say they own hold a gazillion images now… but need to make this change to continue to do so. I wish them well,


I’m not paying to hold my images there. I haven’t got two ha’pennies to rub together. I can do the same with my images uploaded to WordPress, as I could with the above site, so that is the way forward.

I’ve upgraded by deleting my account.

This is my rather grumpy-sounding post for Six Word Saturday. Visit Debbie’s site for more (possibly less grumpy) six word posts.

And now a happy image to end with, ‘The Dance of the Light Master’… movement and stillness still spreading light.

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The Fortune Cookie Fortune from the Fortune Cookie Fortune Jar

Your fortune is sweet as a cookie

Speculate to Accumulate

To find an oasis you have first to walk through a desert

I’ve had to munch through many a fortune cookie to amass the collection of fortune cookie fortunes I now have in a small jar. The things I do for this blog.

This is the first in an occasional series where I draw three fortune cookie fortunes from the fortune cookie fortune jar. The first fortune cookie fortune above was the first fortune cookie fortune drawn from the fortune cookie fortune jar, I kid you not. The second, the second, and the third the third.

Today’s Random Number generated from RANDOM.ORG is:


91 is a Centred Nonagonal Number

91 is the international dialling code to India

91 is the total of cents of a US dollar, if one had one of each of the coins with a denomination less than a dollar (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar) although I’ll have to take Wikipedia’s word for that as I was lost after penny.

91 (rather M91) is a barred spiral galaxy in the Coma Berenices constellation (that was a new one on me too!). The Milky Way is also a barred spiral galaxy, and the Coma Berenices constellation also houses the Coma Berenices galaxy, which is a faint satellite of the Milky Way.

A Milky Way chocolate bar has 456 calories. 456 is a Centred Pentagonal Number.

456 minus 91 equals 365.

365 as well as being the number of days in a normal year, is also a Centred Square Number.

In 1991 the USSR ceased to exist. If you counted all of the letters from the names of the countries that made up the former Soviet Union and got 91 you’d be slightly out, but it would have been a fabulous coincidence if this had been so, wouldn’t it?

Pentagons are five sided shapes; squares are four sided shapes; and nonagons are nine sided shapes. Just having fun with numbers here. You may discount this one.

Today’s Random Colour generated from RandomColour.Com is:

rgb(184, 227, 191) #b8e3bf

How spooky is that? Well, not really. It is random, after all.

This has been my oasis in my current blogging desert. I’ve speculated to accumulate. May your fortune be as sweet as a cookie!