From this day on, I shall be mindful of just how patient I am.

It isn’t as though I’m impatient, although at times I am, I’ll admit it. Usually when I’m waiting, or wanting to get things done, or frustrated when waiting for something to be done.

I’m more patient than impatient, but I intend to become even more patient. I intend to become the embodiment of patience.

Almost saintly, in fact.

I have to say almost, because there are other areas of my life that I can improve upon.

And I will.

All in good time.


Started already.


    1. It’s achievable, and easy VK (at the moment!) Where I’d have been impatient, I tell myself I’m being taught patience, or shown how to be patient, and instantly the impatient urge vanishes.
      I may be jumping the gun here, but if it’s this easy now, imagine how it’ll be after a few weeks worth pf practice… or am I being impatient again now? I’m second guessing everything!
      But I’ll get there. All in good time!
      Thanks for the encouragement VK.


    1. Fortunately, that puzzle isn’t mine, Tess. And, quite a lot of it is already together. The old me, the impatient one, would have carefully taken those connected bits out of the box as they were. The new me would break every piece apart and start from scratch. Slowly. Although, if I did have a puzzle, it would be a lot smaller than this one!


  1. “The embodiment of patience” sounds like a wonderful goal. Let us know how it goes for you – I suspect that’s one of those things I’ll have to experience vicariously. 😉


    1. I shall write about how I’m getting on as time goes on, Diane… although not in every post! You may become more patient through internet-osmosis – just by reading about my escapades… you never know. Lets’ see how things go. Nice and slow… 😉


  2. I am currently the embodiment of impatience…too hot…too sticky…can’t sleep…suspect a cold may inexplicably coming on…didn’t appreciate the walk to work in thunderstorms and lightning this morning …. ratty and scratchy as….well 🙂 You know 😉 Teach us the art of patience oh Saint Tom!!! 🙂


    1. Yes – what is it with those Summer colds, Icewolf? Where do they come from? Thunder and lightning is good indoors – and preferably in bed all wrapped up… not outside in it!
      As for patience… ’tis there all along… just grab it!


      1. Not a problem for me, LA, you’ve probably been thinking of the actress you wrote about in your latest post as well, and typed as you thought. I shall edit the comment shortly, although then, this comment will appear out of sync. Never mind!


    1. There are quite a few pieces there that we can see, LA, isn’t there? There are many, many more beneath the surface!!! Hehehe!
      I’m just going to edit your slight typo now…


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