A Different Landscape

different kind landscape


Stars above vanish
As the future changes shape
A new beginning

A quick scribble and jotted words to celebrate the fact that the Brexit saga finally comes to an end. The United Kingdom leaves the European Union at 11pm tonight, 31st January 2020. Although we are still kind of in it until the end of the year, with little say on the matter, todayโ€™s the day we officially go it alone. Again.

Weโ€™re gone. Now itโ€™s time to move forwards and show what a great nation we are. Squabbles permitting.

27 thoughts on “A Different Landscape

  1. And we’re stuck with a government that still thinks we’re an Empire and spent Billions on aircraft carriers and state-of-the-art aircraft we have yet to pay for!!!

    We’re just another small country at the mercy of the Americans…

    Blessed Be!


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