Beyond the Sphere

For Nia

Sometimes it’s just good to be creative! Most times, actually!!! Tomorrow is Nia’s Blog Birthday Bash, so I created a little picture for her featuring three cats to help her celebrate! It took a while… and it was… Read More

The Twenty-Five Hundred

The Date: Saturday 24th March 2018. The Time: All Day. And Beyond… You may or may not be aware that I am fast approaching my 2,500th post here on Beyond the Sphere. I think I’ve passed that figure… Read More

What’s Up? What’s Going On?

Now there’s a question. Or two. And the answer? Well… just what is going on? Let’s see. Recently, I’ve been teasing about a forthcoming little reveal I have – er – coming. That reveal is happening NOW. OH… Read More

Let’s Party!!!

Welcome to the Mansion! Welcome to Beyond the Sphere! My name is Tom, and I shall be your host for the next 24 hours. In a roundabout way, that is. I won’t actually be getting onto the blog… Read More