Beyond the Sphere

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Or something along those lines! It’s May 1st; so WHITE RABBITS!!!

White Rabbit on a Bed of Lettuce

Don’t let the cute fluffiness fool ya! They do that, these cute creatures of the night. They lull you into a false sense of security so that you have to hold them and cuddle them and smooch with… Read More

Letters To The Universe… The First of December Edition

Dear Time, Yes, you’ve done it again, haven’t you? It’s now December yet it feels like it should be April or May. And judging by your track record it soon will be ( next April or May, that… Read More


I was out walking by the Lake the other day, nonchalantly strolling around as one does on a cooling Autumn day. Movement on one of the rocks caught my eye, so out came the mobile phone and out… Read More

Storm Doris (including Cute Critter Friday)

Storm Doris blew into town today, and what a ruckus she made! Bits and bobs were flying hither thither and every whither. Birds, attempting to fly forwards were flying backwards at neck beak speeds. It was nigh on… Read More