Beyond the Sphere

Cool Rumblings

As I type this, warm rain is cascading from thick, dark, heavy clouds that are swirling and circling above. Through the clouds – all of them – is a constant rumbling of thunder, echoing and permeating through the… Read More

The Watcher Amongst the Trees

She stands. She watches. She hardly ever moves. Is she waiting for someone? Looking for something? She allows herself to be seen, occasionally. And occasionally, she is seen smiling. Some say she is the Lady in White, who… Read More


Even through the darkness they shone, peering from the top shelf like some twisted and horrific CCTV system, without the equipment. The flickering candlelight and echoing tick tock tick of the free-standing clock on the other side of… Read More

Where I’m Headed

I’m heading in one direction. Sometimes forwards, sometimes sideways, and sometimes backwards – but no matter which way I go I always head one way. Toward my destination. My destiny. It’s over that hill there… through the mist…… Read More


Everything was going her way. At last, after all those years, she’d made it. She’d become a success. A sensation. “You’re moving forwards now, kiddo!” Her agent told her, “I said we’d get there!” “What happens now?” She… Read More