Beyond the Sphere


They’d travelled from far and wide to be here at this precise time. Folk from all walks of life, drawn to the mystical and magical energies of the Henge. When the Moon is full, on this one particular… Read More

Evening on the Lake

Sometimes, the Lake just gives magnificent views. The reflection of the Auru Nebula, visible from the Mansion in April, scatters shards of multi-coloured sprinkles of light all across the water’s surface. It also causes the sky to appear… Read More

Cat and mouse tale

Carefully, Carmichael moved the loose stone away from the wall at the back of the kitchen. Enid stood back, looking on curiously. She held Snowy tightly, who purred in her arms. “What is it? Where does it go… Read More

In Half-Light

Shadows stretch forward as the the Sun disappears behind the derelict abbey, attempting to reach the trees that mark the perimeter of this now disused estate. The trees are clouded in complete darkness, but the space in-between, the… Read More


Basking in Saturnlight, the comet finally reaches the closest point to the ringed planet that it ever will do so. The ice crystals and rocky formations glisten in the reflected sunlight, from a sun almost one-and-a-half billion kilometres… Read More