Beyond the Sphere

The Pianist and the Rain again

At the end of April in 2012, we had a storm. I remember it well. I imagined a pianist playing in both competition and harmony with the rain, and these words summed up those thoughts. This is simply… Read More

Wordle: Camping Nightmare

The tattered tent Rooted rigorously Lashed at length By the sudden storm Curved and creased Dusty drunk Still standing slyly Snatching a second Through the storm’s sheer strength As a single spark Of lightning lands Bright and Belligerent… Read More

Cool Rumblings

As I type this, warm rain is cascading from thick, dark, heavy clouds that are swirling and circling above. Through the clouds – all of them – is a constant rumbling of thunder, echoing and permeating through the… Read More

Dance of the Pianist

As the pianist played, the rain fell.As the rain fell, the thunder sang.As the thunder sang, the lightning danced.As the lightning danced, the pianist played. Thunder and music. Lightning and rain. Harmonious. Togetherness. Nature and sound.Dancing. And playing…. Read More