The Old Clocktower

The discovery of the missing clock tower after two hundred years, deep beneath the ruins of the old collapsed church, answered two questions in one go. The church building wasn’t strong enough to hold the newer tower, despite the old townsfolk’s arguments to the contrary. And Old Sam, the bell ringer, had planned to make away with the church funds. Unfortunately for Sam, he had the loot, now worthless, in two sacks with him,  as the church caved in, trapping him beneath the large bell, the tower dropped around him, and the crumbling remains of the church covered over everything.

A filler post holding a one hundred word story covering the passing of time, a mysterious disappearance and another use for an old digital painting I did back in the day. This painting originally appeared in one of my Hallowe’en specials a few years ago, when a Room suddenly appeared in the Grinds. And this little extra paragraph has increased the word count to two hundred words. I’m still classing it as a one hundred word post, however, as this isn’t part of the post proper, and sometimes a little bit of an explanation can go a very long way.

9 Comments on “The Old Clocktower

  1. Oh my, all that loot and no one to spend it. Good flow in this story, Tom.
    You captured the whole event and kept me captivated to the end. Nice didgital art … I can see it in a horror Halloween story.
    I’ll look for it come October. 😳
    Isadora 😎

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  2. So he wasn’t a clapper?

    Guess that’s why he didn’t ring the bell!!! 🙂

    Good Gothic horror story Tom!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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    • His hands were full at the time, Prenin. And by the time they weren’t, the sound was a trifle muffled…
      And thanks, Prenin – not bad for a quick one, if I do say so myself!

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