Even through the darkness they shone, peering from the top shelf like some twisted and horrific CCTV system, without the equipment. The flickering candlelight and echoing tick tock tick of the free-standing clock on the other side of the cellar made them become more alive. Animated. They bobbed and blinked and stared forwards, silently observing but never revealing any of the secrets that played out before them. Although that was why they were stored in glasses and jars in the first place. One day, the ‘creation’ would use the eyes. The ‘creation’ would reveal the secrets. And we would know…


      1. Well Tom, you are definitely one of the “weird” ones with the power of psychic-ness, so no wonder you wondered before I wandered along! I have missed your posts and your stories! (and you too…of course)!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I did, Isadora, although it’s a digital painting, and this image is totally different to how it was originally… I’ve put a link in my reply to Visionkeeper above.
        And thanks for your comment on the blog’s look… not too dark. Not yet, anyhow…


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