Beyond the Sphere


For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Arch’, and a while ago I spotted this natural arch whilst out walking. Could it conceal a hidden doorway into a magical dimension somewhere? Also, I wonder if you… Read More

Hallowe’en Spirits

The Hallowe’en Spirits are a gathering! Can you see the Skeletal Spirit towards the upper right of the above photo? Or the Shrunken Head Spirit in the bottom right? Maybe you can see the Carved Tree Spirit on… Read More

Spirits and Such

I’ve been out in the Grinds again, taking photographs of random whatnots. The sky started to turn very dark at one point, and I was quite drawn to how the sunlight was forcing its way through the cloud… Read More

Lakeside Guardians

I’ve been walking around the Lake again today. With all the changes going on Seasonal-wise, I was quite surprised to find myself back on a cool Summer’s Day. I made it my mission to search for the Spirits… Read More

The Watcher Amongst the Trees

She stands. She watches. She hardly ever moves. Is she waiting for someone? Looking for something? She allows herself to be seen, occasionally. And occasionally, she is seen smiling. Some say she is the Lady in White, who… Read More