Beyond the Sphere

Good Moaning

The brilliance of the Moon shone through the open window. The air cooling considerably to match the more chilled air outside. The old wooden beams and floorboards began to settle themselves for the cold night ahead, creaking and… Read More


Thick curtains hung over the large lounge window, dusty and moth-eaten. Wind howled through breaks in the glass, causing the velvety red curtains to move slightly, sending shards of bright light around the room. Yellow walls, green furniture… Read More

The Clock

Dusty, it loomed in the corner. Ticking with a whispered thump it was the only object within the room to create a sound. The cracked face, off-white with age, showed the time as one minute to twelve whatever… Read More

Wordle: Mr Wolf and Mr Fox

“… By all means, Mr Wolf, try to break free of those chains. No matter how much practice you’ve had you will never escape by yourself.” “Ah, Mr Fox. Your kind of wild, small-minded plans make me cringe…. Read More

The Old Clocktower

The discovery of the missing clock tower after two hundred years, deep beneath the ruins of the old collapsed church, answered two questions in one go. The church building wasn’t strong enough to hold the newer tower, despite… Read More