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It’s snowing again here at Aquatom Mansion. It takes a while for the snow to normally reach this neck of the woods, but yesterday lunchtime we found ourselves in the middle of a blizzard, and Scotland were basking in glorious sunshine. OK, maybe basking is the wrong word to use, but it was bright there. The news report on TV had live pictures with a journalist on the scene on the banks of a river in one of the Scottish towns. They were reporting on the fact that it was snowing in the Outer Hebrides. Why they had a reporter in a different place where it wasn’t snowing is beyond me, but I find that the news crews always seem to want to be at the point where a news story breaks. They should have come here if they wanted snow!

It wasn’t as bad as the white out the other week, I must add. And the snow has just started to fall again tonight. It has settled very quickly, which doesn’t look good for the roads. Still, it will all be clear again soon enough.

Blizzards are funny old things, aren’t they? One minute you can be walking or driving in, well, clear weather. The next second a few snowflakes drift downwards. A few seconds later you get the feeling that you re moving sideways – when you aren’t moving at all –  as the amount of snow that is falling is dizzying and mesmerising. I’ve not been mesmerised for a while now, but I was yesterday.

One thing I’m really pleased about is the break in the snow, that allowed me the chance to see the Geminids. I’m not sure if I’ll have the same opportunity to see the next Lunar Eclipse, but I’ll have to wait and see there… if not, there’ll be another chance soon enough!

I’ve just looked out of the window and it looks as though a good two centimeter’s worth of snow has fallen in the last half an hour or so, and it is still falling. It must be really bad elsewhere…

Scams – beware!

To most people, this time of the year is about goodwill to all men, and joy to the world! To most people. To some, it is a time for them to get what they can at any cost, regardless of any moral code they may pretend to have.

I received a letter a couple of days ago from the Financial Services Authority. They wrote to me (not only to me, I must add – I’m not that special!) telling me of a list that has been discovered containing my details, and details of almost 50,000 other people, who may be – or may have been – contacted by fraudsters offering ‘once in a lifetime chances’ or ‘investment opportunities’, when their intention is take as much money as they can without anything being returned. These types of scams are called ‘Boiler rooms’ apparently, and they sound very convincing. Well, they wouldn’t be con-men if they didn’t.

If you receive a call offering something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so proceed with caution – some people have lost in excess of £20,000 due to these scammers.

As a firm believer in the Law of Threefold Return (and the even more powerful power of tenfold return…) I know that the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is very true, but sometimes the return isn’t as instant as we would like it to be. The FSA have a good list of current scams that are in operation at present that they are aware of, so visit their website for more details.

I really don’t know how people who do this sort of thing can actually live with themselves, but with more awareness, and a little more forward planning, fewer people will fall victim to the unscrupulous minority.

Sorry, deep post. Just thought I’d mention it. Better to be forewarned and ready rather than being caught off guard. At anytime, but more so at this time of the year.


Bright lights and fuzzy colours!

Where I saw the Geminids!
Last night I got to see the Geminids! 😀

I only saw half a dozen or so, and they appeared as sparks in the sky against the backdrop of Orion’s Belt. I had two little obstacles that prevented me from viewing them any longer than the hour or so I was transfixed with the heavens. OK, make that four obstacles.

Obstacle Number One: The Moon

I love the Moon, and to class it as an obstacle is absolutely terrible. The Moon was shining down the silvery reflection from the Sun, but in doing so was preventing the Geminids from appearing as vibrantly as I thought they would. The Moon was slowly gliding toward the horizon, and as she drifted away, the darkness of the sky became more apparent, and with that the stars became brighter. And so did the ‘sparks’.

Obstacle Number Two: My window, my angle and my radiator

In order for me to have a clear view of the night sky, I had to lean out of my window. Well, I could have gone outside, but I didn’t really want to do that as it was rather cold. Luckily, my radiator is just beneath my window, so, as the window was open and the cool air was entering my room, the radiator was automatically compensating for the cold by increasing it’s temperature to counter-match it. This meant that in order for me to reach out of the window, I had to lean over the radiator so the heat from it didn’t touch me. I’m not much of a contortionist, so just imagine me leaning back and over, and forwards at the same time, whilst looking up. Somehow I managed it!

Obstacle Number Three: Clouds

Shortly after midnight, and as the Moon was very low in the sky, clouds blew in, and slowly covered the clear sky. Although I could see a few stars through the breaks in the cloud, there was too much cloud to be able to clearly see any shooting stars. So, when the clouds appeared my skywatching and amateur contortionism had to come to an end.

Obstacle Number Four: Sleep

I needed to go to sleep, as is usually the case at night. I did wake up at about 1.30am, and looked out of the window again, but the clouds were still there, so I settled down, and requested that the universe show me a message from the stars through my dreams.


And dream I did! Really weird, but strangely vivid in parts, and utterly mixed up in others! The vivid parts included people I have met in the past and actors and actresses from the TV, and we were all in places I have visited at some time. The feeling from the dream was nice and warm, but the mood seemed to change just before I woke up. My alarm went off at 6am, but in my dream I was being awoken by two red diamonds. Have you ever been woken up by a diamond? Told you it was weird. But look at the link… I had TV stars in my dream! Not quite the stars I asked for when going to sleep, but I can’t complain. I can’t remember the message though, I think maybe it was too subtle to be included with all of the confusion. Unless the message was just that – inside the confusion is the message! I’ll leave that one for another day!

So, I got to see my Geminids. I wasn’t disappointed. I was taken by surprise by the first one – it was completely different to the one that I saw a few months ago. Like I said, these yesterday appeared as sparks shooting across the sky, whereas the previous one was a moving star. So, that is another experience for me! I love experiencing new things… they make me feel good!

Normal Monday

What a boring title!

I’m in a ‘say it as it is’ mood today. I said it as it was in my statement for work for the recent kerfuffle, so I don’t know if that will help or hinder things. Only time will tell with that one…

The weather is back to normal. Well warmer than it has been, and warmer than it should be, but the middle ground could be classed as normal, so I’ll go with that. We’re due the cold again by the end of the week. So by then, that will be classed as normal. I’ll go with the normal theme now then.

The traffic – busy as normal.

The traffic lights – red as normal.

The alarm waking me up – 6am as normal.

Work – normal. Although I did… no I didn’t. It was normal.

When you think about it though, normal is quite good. OK, nothing exciting happens, but nothing dull happens either. Everything just is, and when everything just ‘is’, everything’s fine.

So why am I writing about it as though it isn’t fine?

It is, after all, a normal Monday. I have to do the usual Monday things. I haven’t done anything differently today that I did last Monday – last week in fact. Maybe that is the message that is coming through to me… I need to find something different to do!

The first thing I need to do is look for some kind of inspiration. I’m going to open my mind, and see if any new ideas come to me over night tonight. I was going to have an early night, but I almost forgot about the Geminids! Hopefully, I’ll see a spectacular display tonight, and the shooting stars will provide me with a flash of inspiration or two! If anything can help me, it will be the Universe!

That will make my Monday a little less ‘normal’. Of course, I’m still grateful for my normal Monday, and I shouldn’t really complain.




Well, it’s getting close to Christmas, and I’ve already mentioned it in a couple of my posts recently, so here is my first official Christmas post! I know it is only the twelfth of December, but for years I thought this was the first day in the carol ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, so it’s a good a day to start as any! As it happens, the twelve days start on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, depending on location apparently.

I’ve been shopping again today, the local supermarket was busy as usual, and the girl who was working on the checkout said that she thought Sundays should be the day of rest, but everyone seemed to be doing their shopping today. If she wasn’t working, she said, she would be having a nice relaxing lie in. I advised her I had intended to that myself, but had to get up to go shopping! Father Christmas was outside the shop on the back of a trailer in the car park. It wasn’t the real Father Christmas as I suppose he is getting ready for his busy night, but this one was quite a good resemblance. He was waving at the children who were being taken into and out of the store, and they seemed to like him. Christmas music was blaring from loud speakers that were also on the trailer, and some people in yellow tee shirts were mulling around rattling buckets to collect anyone’s spare change.

Christmas music was also being played inside the store, although not as loud. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and some of the other customers were singing along to the carols. I didn’t sing, but I danced internally. One man didn’t know the words, but seemed to know the first two words to each line, so he sung these and hummed the rest. That was quite amusing.

A few weeks ago, around the 15th November, a young boy called around to my parent’s house. My Mum answered the door, and he said “I’m going away for Christmas, but I need some money… is it OK if I do your carol singing now?” My Mum politely asked that he came back a little nearer to the time, as you don’t really get the full effect of Christmas carols in November. I think he said he’d return the next day, but I’m not sure if he did or not…

I mentioned in my post yesterday the carol ‘I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In’, which is one of my favourites, and it invokes some really vivid images in my mind. Another of my favourites is ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, and I get equally vivid images with this song, but not of galleons or anything like that! The drummer boy in my imagination is wearing the red coat uniform I also mentioned yesterday, but the song was written much later than the uniform was introduced. One thing I remember about this is an old Christmas Tree decoration, which was a drummer boy, wearing the old military uniform. Maybe this is why I have mixed these two together.

Drummers are also mentioned in ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, they were the gift on the twelfth day – or one of the gifts, I was always confused by the twelfth day as to whether my true love had sent me just the twelve drummers drumming, or the twelve drummers drumming along with everything else (again) that they had already sent to me previously… but it’s a nice song, and a nice thought. Although I don’t personally know what I would do if someone sent me twelve drummers drumming, etcetera!

Moving away from Christmas carols, but staying with Christmas music, my all time favourite song that I love to hear at Christmastime is ‘Fairytale of New York’, by The Pogues and Kirsty MacCol. It’s a bit dark, but it makes me think whenever I hear it. And I love thinking, I do!