Ten Minute Doodle: Down at One End of The Grinds

A quick ten-minute digital oil painting of a view at one end of The Grinds.

Yes, I know it is no oil painting, but what do you expect in ten minutes? It’s a deliberate unfinished piece. It would probably have been more finished had there been more than ten minutes, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Warning Signs

Bathe in a golden calming light
Keep the negative red at bay
Pay heed to the signs that are all around
And act sensibly come what may

Keep calm and carry on!


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘White’. The original photo I had intended sharing seems to have gone away on holiday – it was a frozen, frosty, snow-covered Lake, indeed very white.

Instead, I have opted to post a Christmas Tree decoration… a whiter than white snowman.

One Word Sunday


Thick curtains hung over the large lounge window, dusty and moth-eaten. Wind howled through breaks in the glass, causing the velvety red curtains to move slightly, sending shards of bright light around the room.

Yellow walls, green furniture and a black and white marbled floor reflected some of the light once again, as did the old mirrors on every wall.

Prisms of rainbow-coloured light danced, streaking across whatever surface they could find. Some stretched long and thin, brilliant blues and purples visible. Others became solid white spheres.

Some light orbs floated freely around the room, reveling in their kaleidoscopic paradise.