Beyond the Sphere

Rainbow’s Beginning

A digital oil dabbling of light being emitted from a drop of water. Or something like that. I just like playing with colour!

Moon and Stars

A quick colourful creation.

Night Orchard

Night Orchard Another dabbling of watercolour pens and Pébéo paints in ATC size. The ‘stars’, that ‘Moon’ thing and the shine have been added with the Pébéo paints, the rest the pens. It’s a good job it’s abstract,… Read More

Angular Grass

Abstract time again! This one is called ‘Angular Grass’ because of the confusion of green lines, which may or may not be obvious! It’s still in ATC size (2 1⁄2 by 3 1⁄2 inches).

Stepping Stones

Final post for today! This is another abstract ‘painting’ in ATC size. I think the glare is just a little too much on this one, although it gives a nice impression of water. Here’s the image without the… Read More

Mount Lime

Mount Lime Another abstract creation using watercolour pens, in ATC size. This is another that has a sherbety feel in the photo!

Tree of Thought

Tree of Thought. I’ve created a few more ATC-sized watercolour pen abstracts, like the one I posted recently. I just let the colours lead and then stop when I think enough is enough. Being so small, they don’t… Read More

Range of Colour

Range of Colour This is an ATC-sized watercolour pen creation I did a while back which I wasn’t particularly happy with. It’s somewhat abstract with the floating tree-like thingies at the bottom of the picture and the colours… Read More

Who Says Rainclouds Should Be Grey?

We had a storm a few years ago which was not like any other. The skies were extremely heavy and very reluctant to let go of the rains they held… but when they did, they did! These photos… Read More

The Still of Night

Cool breeze blows As the Sun sets Ripples ebb and flow As twilight draws in Last bird sings As purple hues spread Echoes on the wind As daylight fades again Light allows shadow To bring calm all around… Read More


For One Word Sunday this week, the theme is Patchwork. So, for today’s photo, I had to get creative! I’m not entirely sure it works, but at least it’s patchy at best!

Magenta Cascade

Ground comes alive as suns set Reminiscent of Phoenix ascending As skies turn the deepest red Magenta rises then lava falls And turbulence fills the rivers ‘Til sunsrise Then the calmness of the forest returns Until the next… Read More