I’m always grateful for a good sandwich. If I received one like this one, however, I’d send it back! This was meant to be a quick watercolour as today is National Sandwich Day in the US – we in the UK don’t have anything to celebrate today, but I wanted to have a go at creating something again, so a butty it was meant to be.

Obviously, I’ve been away too long. I almost forgot to add the mayo, but remembered it last minute.

This was meant to be a quick thirty minute #Doodlewash which very quickly turned into an hour, and an abstract sandwich. Ah well, it’s colourful to say the least.


And I always like a splash of colour.


      1. Yes I so know that feeling… I have not touch my paints in months.. and need to get back into the swing again.. But other projects have taken over..
        You are a very talented artist Tom.. So do keep creating.. 🙂

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