I carry with me three crystals which I use as ‘gratitude stones’ so that I have something physical with me to remind me of the things I am grateful for. A Rose Quartz crystal, a Tiger’s Eye crystal and a Fluorite crystal remind me to be grateful for Feeling Good, Good Health and the Abundance that surrounds me. It’s just a quick way that I show my Gratitude to the Universe. When I feel any of the crystals in my pocket I am instantly reminded of the things I am grateful for, which comes in very useful at times, particularly when my ‘stress levels’ are slightly higher than they should be.

I own – or have had come to me – many different crystals of all colours – far too many to carry around with me, but I do like to look at them every now and again. They provide a natural display of colour and form – a solid rainbow, if you like.

As my theme for November is ‘…with gratitude…’ I thought I’d start things off by showing a few photos of my gratitude stones surrounded by the physical rainbow that I own.

Here’s to Feeling Good during November!


  1. A nice collection of gemstones, Tom.
    As a jeweler, I have quite an array of gemstones too.
    I see the stones are whole. They lose their energy if there is a hole drilled in them. I have both.
    The ones with the holes are the ones I used to make necklaces. The ones without the holes I used to set in silver.
    I always enjoyed the meaning of them.
    Happy November …
    Isadora 😎

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    1. Happy November, Isadora. I’ve had these crystals for a few years now, and I haven’t looked at them for a while, but every now and then I like getting them all together… all of the colours go well with each other so naturally!

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