Beyond the Sphere

Bare Winter

Bare are the branches on a cold Winter’s night As chilled winds pass through them with ease Whistling and rustling the trees seem to dance Whilst shivering beneath the Moon

Low Moon Rising

The time: Earlier this evening. The place: Somewhere in The Grinds. The camera: On the mobile phone. The subject: The Moon. And the question: Can you see the little frog-like creature in the bottom left of the photo?… Read More

Blue Moon Abstract

Just a quick PowerPoint creation inspired by this week’s Super Blue Blood Moon. Other than that I have no clue! Feel the energy! Feel Good!

Happy 2018

It’s time for a change. It’s always time for a change, and there’s no better time for change than the present. It doesn’t matter that it happens to be New Year’s Day, although that sometimes helps… out with… Read More

Wordle: Cacophonous Ponderings

Nothing has carried me further since the day I was born Than the string of thoughts within my imagination From picking flowers deep beneath the waves Of a faraway sea to riding a solid beam of light From… Read More