Scribble: Tree By The Rapids

I’ve managed to get my tablet thingy working again, so have celebrated (and tested!) by creating this quick (just under an hour) scribbling that is meant to represent a cascade of water by an old tree. I created it in greyscale deliberately using a program called Corel Painter Essentials, with its ‘Wet Oily Blender’ function. I basically just scribbled and continued scribbling until I’d done enough. It’s fun where one’s imagination goes!

It ain’t finished, but an hour’s scribbling is long enough for anyone!

Ten Minute Doodle: Space Garden

Those aliens (I mentioned them in my recent Letters To The Universe post!) have filled my mind with scenes of wonder from their home world. I have to work quickly to try to capture as much of the image as I can, before it dissolves away into the darkest recesses of my memory.

This has been created using Photoshop Elements, in layers, in just a little over ten minutes – I must be honest. It was still rushed, however!

Ten Minute Doodle: Golden Sunrise

Another quick(ish) Ten-Minute(ish) digital doodle of a misty golden sunrise in some realm of my imagination. The colours were actually put together in less than ten minutes, but the image needed a little enhancement elsewhere, with a little tweak here and another there just to make the colours less like each other, so the tweaks took the creation of the image to just over ten minutes.

Tweak free, however, the image still looks like a watery sunrise, so by my Law of Averages, it took exactly ten minutes to complete.

What? I have to control time some way, so this is as good a way as any!