Can you believe it’s One Word Sunday yet again? Where is the time going?

This week, Debbie’s word is Blob. I haven’t got any photos of blobs. I haven’t even got anything that I could make into a blob to take a photo of… although I could squeeze out a blob of watercolour paint at a push, but I’m not doing any physical painting at the moment so it would be a waste.

I’ve gone through all of my photos, and this one is the nearest one, I suppose. A fruit scone, covered in blobs of strawberry jam and a large blob of cream.

Oh. It seems I do have a photo of a blob after all! Three, in fact. Blobs – not photos.

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It’s One Word Sunday yet again, and Debbie’s theme this time is ‘Spring’. I’ve used a similar version of this photo on the blog before, but to me, this is Spring. The time when colours start to come alive in the natural world.

Over the past few years, in terms of temperature, Spring and Summer seem to have reversed around these here parts, and we go from the chilly Winter days straight into what feels like sub-tropical heat. Summer and Autumn then kind of merge into one, and before we know it, Winter’s here again.

Not wanting to write time away, though, there is something special about every single day – we just have to be more aware to notice it.

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It’s One Word Sunday again, and this week, Debbie’s theme is Opposite.

So, I’ve decided to go for black and white.

No, sorry, I meant to say blurred and sharp.

I think I may have to look at this from the opposite side… I’m not all that certain what I actually did go for.

Perhaps it was square and circle. Square and circle? They aren’t opposites. Oh, I don’t know. You’ll have to follow the link above to Debbie’s site, where you can see some proper takes on the opposite theme.


For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is Vertiginous.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I had to look the word up, which, to me, is actually the opposite of what it means.


  • extremely high or steep.
  • relating to or affected by vertigo.

Can you be affected by vertigo by looking up something steep? I suppose you could, but looking down from such steep heights gives me a quick feeling of ‘ugh’!

Here are two photos from the late 1990s from the side of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. I was leaning on a wall when these photos were taken. The wall provided a certain level of safety, although I did have a fear that I would drop the camera. I suppose that comes with being so high up (and nothing to do with being ever so slightly clumsy and accident prone…!)

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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘ugly’.

A random thing happened the other day. I came across a few old fridge magnets, and just stuck them onto the fridge, quite randomly as you do, to try them out. Look what happened:

I removed the extra letters to highlight the one random word (I also removed the colour to make it look more):

Stranger things have happened!

Incidentally, I’m looking into old words which are no longer in use at the moment. Did you know that ugly used to be uglike? Over time, it became uggely, and then ugly. Did it become uglier? I can’t quite decide!

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