It’s One Word Sunday yet again (and yes, I know it’s almost Monday, but I’ve been otherwise engaged! I got carried away trying to tidy the Mansion and got trapped inside a cupboard!), and this week, Debbie’s theme is Bright. My blurry photo this week is a depiction of a bright light… or rather a reflection of one in my eye.

One thing worth pointing out… it isn’t very bright trying to take a Selfie of one’s eye with a bright light being shone directly into it. I was seeing green for hours afterwards.

And speaking of green, here’s a photo of a bright yellow flower with a green background (above (the one below isn’t a flower… although it’s a glower!!!))

And finally, a photo of the very bright Moon one dark and cold night a few years ago. This was actually a SuperMoon, although my excellent photography skills managed to make it look even further away than normal.

Visit Debbie’s site on the link above for more interpretations of this week’s theme.

21 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Frank. I’ll admit my Selfies aren’t the best, but I can honestly say I’ve taken better than that! I do like the poppy, though! 🙂


    1. Apologies for the eye, Eyecewolf, I do wish it had been a tad sharper!
      🤣 As for the cupboard, well, you know this Mansion! At least I found another dimension there! 🙂

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