Beyond the Sphere

World Watercolour Month is now on!

Only twenty-nine more days left! The thought of creating thirty-one watercolours in thirty-one days at first seems a little daunting. We’re now on the second day of July, and I’ve done two already. At this rate, it’s easy… Read More

When will it ever stop raining?

Are we in for rain today? I looked out through the window over the Grinds this morning and was quite surprised. Not a raindrop was falling. The ground was still wet, however, so I’ve probably timed my glance… Read More

Seems my Pingbacks are now working

Hallelujah! Something else is working again! I’m not really one for rejoicing. Shouting things from the rooftops… mind you, my voice is that quiet nobody would hear it anyway, from up there… but! I digress. I’ve been thwarted… Read More

Order of Business Today: Chilling Out!

Today is Saturday, Do Nothing Day! If only that were true! That said, after shopping and general chores, there may be time for nothingness. Ah. At long last!

It’s June next week. June. JUNE!!!

The end of May is nigh! And it still feels as though it’s the second! It also feels like a blink since I wrote my first Six Word Saturday post last week – has a week truly gone… Read More