The Wolf

The Crescent Moon shone brightly behind the wispy clouds that attempted to cover it. The sky beyond was a very deep blue, pierced by thousands of stars. Together everything pointed towards the very cold night ahead.

The man looked up to the Moon, watching his breath evaporate before him as he did so.

“At least the wolf will not be around tonight,” he thought as he hurried home, dashing through long-empty streets.

His vision was becoming clearer the darker it became. In the distance, he could see the stones on the road ahead. He knew the beast within was awakening.

Just After Midnight

Happy Hallowe’en!

OK, it isn’t exactly Hallowe’en until the evening, but always good to be prepared!

Restless spectres menace by
Angry banshees wail shrill and high
Poltergeists flaunt their jaunty stuff
Zombies groan whilst looking rough
Witches cackle as they fly by night
Werewolves howl by bright Moonlight
Vampyrs brood and look for blood
Whilst wraiths hide themselves beneath a hood
Sinister skeletons creak and walk
Mummies unravel as they try to talk
Spiders scutter in an attempt to fright
And all are ready for tonight

And we’re off! Tonight’s posts will begin at 7pm UK time, continuing on the hour up until midnight. Or just before.


True Wolf

Through pathways darkened after the setting of the Sun, they carefully padded along. Always safe within their lairs, the outside always brought with it a risk. Would they be seen? Would they be hunted?

They themselves were hunters. They much preferred this than being hunted. They stayed in packs, until the time of the hunt was upon them, and then it was each to their own. They shared their prey once captured, but it’s always better to have more to go around, and it is always better to hunt individually. No chance they’d get into each other’s way.

Prey spotted the group began to separate.

Human. Quite podgy. They weren’t fussy. They needed to feed.

The large wolf smelt the air in anticipation. The human didn’t know they were there.

Well, this human didn’t. 

Fortunately, the scout spotted the second human, and howled a warning. A warning that meant ‘gun’. Previously being human themselves, these wolves knew the dangers associated with these things.

Especially on nights like tonight; nights when the Moon is Full.

In Half-Light

Shadows stretch forward as the the Sun disappears behind the derelict abbey, attempting to reach the trees that mark the perimeter of this now disused estate. The trees are clouded in complete darkness, but the space in-between, the space occupied by the elongating shadows, is bathed in a cooling twilight. An eerie half-light, neither day nor night. Any remaining echoes carried on the evening breeze fade gently away, as do the shadows themselves; the remaining rays from the Sun diminish.

The Sun sets. Daylight extinguished.

The day ends.

And through the now faded half-light, the night dwellers begin to emerge.


I’ve taken inspiration from the WordPress Photo Challenge for this short tale; but instead of using a photograph, I thought I’d paint a picture using words. A hundred of them. Just because!