Paradise Within

Subdued lighting
With earthy scents
And a gentle lick of a breeze
A babbling brook bubbles nearby
And the air is so fresh it tastes divine
Birds sing in the trees above
As squirrels dance and frolic on the ground
The atmosphere is calm
Completely and utterly peaceful
And accessible in this moment
Paradise Within
… Always open


My imagination has gotten the better of me again.

It took me to my Place of Peace and Tranquility and gave me a different view of the waterfall that’s there. I quickly had to capture the scene from my mind’s eye, using one of my digital painting programs. I had to be quick, so I gave myself half an hour. I quite like how it turned out.

‘Waterfall’… a digital oil painting.

Wordle: The Angel’s Message

The Angel’s message was clear:
No more taunting, no more war
Learn your lesson, test your strength
Pay attention to your mission of peace
Do not stare in disbelief
The anger, the hurt, the dirt will slide
Extinguish the fury that builds inside
Let your body emit the light
Do what’s good; do what’s right
The Angel’s message was very clear
The question is do they hear?