Beyond the Sphere

Paradise Within

Subdued lighting With earthy scents And a gentle lick of a breeze A babbling brook bubbles nearby And the air is so fresh it tastes divine Birds sing in the trees above As squirrels dance and frolic on… Read More

Serenity Falls

Serenity falls A tranquil blanket cover A feeling of home

Imaginary Sunset

Godrays reach forward Sending final shards of light, Peace across day’s end


My imagination has gotten the better of me again. It took me to my Place of Peace and Tranquility and gave me a different view of the waterfall that’s there. I quickly had to capture the scene from… Read More

Wordle: The Angel’s Message

The Angel’s message was clear: No more taunting, no more war Learn your lesson, test your strength Pay attention to your mission of peace Do not stare in disbelief The anger, the hurt, the dirt will slide Extinguish… Read More