Six Word Saturday: All That Flying!

Farewell, geese! See you next year!

A post for Six Word Saturday.


35 Comments on “Six Word Saturday: All That Flying!

  1. Here in Ontario Canada we only see them fly away in October & some years November. Seeing them early this year means winter will be early. I bought my snowshoes already so I’m ready for my winter Spirit Walks and of course taking pictures. 😉 I love Canadian Geese they make me smile each time. Whenever I take pictures up close when they are on the ground they always walk away from me. Observing their behavior always gives me a Aha moment!

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    • They are fascinating creatures, Diane. The ones that visit the Lake are human friendly, so will come over to say hello and would gladly take a bite to eat from out of the hand. They are less likely when they have little ones, but they still interact. And yes, they are very relaxing.

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        • These here will have a go at anything… eating a sandwich? One will approach and try to try a bit for itself!
          One must’ve thought I looked a little edible once… it slowly walked over to me and tried to peck my hand… I’m wondering now if it thought I had something for it (which I didn’t at the time!). They are lovely up close though… although a little unnerving when in pecking mood! 😀

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