Beyond the Sphere

A Scattering of Poppies this Saturday

A cascade of thoughts, with thanks. A feeling of being, with gratitude. A scattering of peace, with hope. Of course we will remember them. A Remembrance Six Word Saturday post Visit Debbie’s site for more posts.


I was inspired by Jodi’s painting to have a go at painting something abstract myself. I haven’t touched any watercolour equipment for a while, and I thought now is as good a time as any. I attempted three… Read More

Wednesday Wordle: Battle Scars

Drums beat along the graveside Shattering the peace of the night Strips of flag, torn, show battle signs Yet those gathered hold on tight

For Remembrance

Just because…


Like us, shadows are. They dance. They grow. They fade. Like us, shadows fall. Unlike shadows, we are. Unlike shadows, we learn. Well, should learn. We remember. Well, should. Remember. Always. With Gratitude.