Beyond the Sphere

Earth Day 2020

Nestled on a bed of golden fallen leaves, Surrounded by the waves of the seas Adorned with all the colours of the rainbow And warmed by the Sun’s pleasant glow Healing from within Expanding ever outward Forever moving… Read More

Earth Day 2019

The imaginary life of a water droplet The streams of time passed through the land as they always had. They began, high up in the hills, tiny tiny droplets of water that swirled and massed and gathered together,… Read More

Wordle: Earth Is Calling

Earth’s call to her inhabitants Startled some and charmed others ‘Though some looked on with callousness As they always try to leave their mark Nature mingled amongst the twisted limbs In awe as to what was on offer… Read More

Six Word Saturday Earth Day Special

Nature. Envision. Encourage. Observe. Appreciate. Enjoy. About the image: Colour-popped photos taken in the Grinds using Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone, April 2017. Posted for Six Word Saturday.

For Earth Day 2016

~ Earth. Our planet. Our home. We treat it well, yes? ~