Beyond the Sphere

Forward Thinking

Is the path ahead clear? Or is the way forward blocked? The trick is to keep moving forward And see where the future unlocks

Cloudy Up Top

We had a SuperMoon last night. Usually, I miss them, and it was Becky (that’s right, the Becky with this month’s Top Squares challenge) who happened to mention it to me in comment yesterday. The Moon was meant… Read More

Tide and Time

Standing Watching The rocks seem to move away as the water ripples by But in the constant stream The continuous watery flow The rocks are fixed in place And the only movement is the water… And the gentle… Read More

After the storm

Calmness and stillness Follow the stormy weather Nature rests again

Post 3000

Not wanting to make a big song and dance about it, but this post is officially the 3,000th post to appear here on Beyond the Sphere. In yesterday’s post, First Flight of the Phoenix, I briefly mentioned coming… Read More