Cloudy Up Top

We had a SuperMoon last night. Usually, I miss them, and it was Becky (that’s right, the Becky with this month’s Top Squares challenge) who happened to mention it to me in comment yesterday. The Moon was meant to be at its closest to us at about 3.30am – which is the second thing to happen around that time this week – and I just knew that I wouldn’t be awake to see it. My 3:33 starts are eluding me this week!

So, at around midnight, as I settled to bed, the Moonlight streamed in through my Bedroom window, as if to remind me we were having this spectacular Lunar event. I usually just use my mobile phone to take photos – well, it has a camera on it, so why not? – but I thought I’d try using a camera I’ve had for a couple of years but haven’t quite got around to learning how to use the functions on it as yet.

At midnight, in the dark, I was leaning out of my window with camera strapped around my wrist, pointing it skywards trying to get the best photo I could of this natural phenomenon. I did mention it was dark, didn’t I? It took me a while to find the button to take the picture. It took me a while to work out how to turn off the flash, which went off like a flash of lightning. I’m sure there’s a focus and zoom facility on the camera, but I thought I’d avoid trying to find those in the dark, and just point and shoot. And as I pointed and shot, I noticed the cloud cover.

That’s right! In the moments of me trying to get myself organised to get the best photo possible, it had clouded over. This usually happens when I try to see these Celestial events. It always happens when we go through Meteor Showers, and the only showers I get to see then are those of the rain variety.

This is the best photo I’d taken. It’s  bit grainy… and for some reason it looks very light – but it wasn’t. The Moon is there though, peeping through the clouds in the Top left-hand corner. And it is the Moon. And it is bigger than normal. Only not in my photo. Sigh.

Click the panel below to see what a proper photo of the Moon looks like:

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Tide and Time

The rocks seem to move away as the water ripples by
But in the constant stream
The continuous watery flow
The rocks are fixed in place
And the only movement is the water…
And the gentle passing of time

Post 3000

Not wanting to make a big song and dance about it, but this post is officially the 3,000th post to appear here on Beyond the Sphere. In yesterday’s post, First Flight of the Phoenix, I briefly mentioned coming with me as we enter and explore a mystical realm, a strange sphere of the imagination… and then go beyond!

Indirectly I was referring to this post, and the immediate future as we go further forward into the fantastic and wondrous world of this tiny WordPress blog in the corner of a dusty Mansion where very often the weird and wonderful happens.

On May 13th 2010 this blog was born. It had a different name back then, but it was still this blog. This link – > CLICK HERE < – will take you to a new page and back through the depths of time to that very first blog post, where I ummed and ahhed for possibly three hours before clicking the submit button. The blog itself, post-wise, has changed a little bit over the years, but it is still as random as ever. I still try to post something a little different, and a little different to what I posted the previous days (which is really something when I post after not posting anything – a kind of double whammy there!). Sometimes it works.

I must say I have had an absolute blast over the last 3000 posts. My imagination, as always, ran away with me. The connections I’ve made through those blog posts have been incredible. I’ve met people from all over the world through this medium, on screen if not in person. Each and everyone have been special, and have helped immeasurably to reach this little milestone. If you are reading this, that includes you, so please pat yourself on your back, and raise a glass of virtual champagne with me, as I say here’s to the next 3000!

Refreshments are available in the Reception Room just off the Foyer in the Mansion (I miss writing about the Mansion, so we may be seeing a few more exploratory posts sometime in the near future!). There’s a large spread, of virtually whatever you want. Help yourself!

Thank you all for reading my wafflings, moanings, attempts at poetrying, scribbling, photographying, singing, and bad hair days. Thank you for reading about my mindful of characters who take me with them on their own random journeys.  Thank you for not being offended by my less than perfect posts (on the odd occasion that they appear! ahem). And thank you for proving that there really are some wonderful people who share this gorgeous planet with me.

And if one milestone celebration isn’t enough, take a look at my other blog Splodge and Splatter (there’s a link to it over there somewhere on the right!). You’d have thought I’d meticulously planned two milestones to happen on the same day.

They’re like buses around here, milestones!

I’m ending the waffling on this post here. Please come with me as we journey into the future. Ding Ding! Find your seat and settle down. We’re off into the great Beyond!