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Wordle: Inner Magick

Plant the seed in the stream of consciousness
Once, twice, a thousand times
Delve into the turbulent wake of discovery
Harness the power we have in our minds

Thrive in the magick given at birth
And break away from the reality that binds
Tell all so they can bounce off humanity
In a way that is good for mankind

Never spent, never ending
The power of intent that resides,
Potent, dormant, awaiting expansion,
From within – so watch for the signs



Saturday Selfie: Hallowe’en Special

Urgh. Don’t know what I ate and drank last night, but this morning, I felt rough. Dry, gravelly throat, sluggish movements and REALLY itchy skin. I mean it felt as though it were crawling. Ugh.

I’ve been planning a Selfie post for a while now, and decided on today. It’s a warts and all one, I’m afraid. I couldn’t be bothered airbrushing it this time.

Here’s to a Feel Good Saturday, however we’re feeling really!

Making Light the Darkness

The cool autumn air, made crisp by the light of the Moon
with a breeze that brings with it an early chill
Mist circles in an eerie haze
and distant noises echo
ethereal and penetrating sounds
bringing closer the darkness

Everything is strange in the darkness
Shadows elongated by the position of the Moon
Whispers and screams combine into their own unique sounds
Everything causes a chill
to travel up and down the spine almost like an echo
and rational thoughts disappear within a garbled haze

Actually, it’s everywhere, this haze
it reverberates through the darkness
it’s carried on every echo
its energy enhanced by the Moon
and dispersed due to the chill
and there are still the sounds

Cackling, laughing, growling, all horrific sounds
combined and merged, cutting through the haze
replenishing the chill
adding more to the psychological darkness
increased ever so slightly by the power of the Moon
and the carried repeat of each and every echo

There’s actually more too in each echo
more to the reverberated sounds
more than just the power of the Moon
and that added extra discombobulates the haze
filling the darkness
and further intensifying the chill

The combination of everything merging increases the fear, the chill
rapid heartbeats contribute to the now deafening echo
cold beads of sweat unseen through the tightening darkness
and heavy breathing obscured by the smothering sounds
it’s no wonder everything is in a haze
made all the more spooky by the light of the Moon

I like it, the Moon. It brings alive the energy within the chill
cuts through the haze and shows me the source of the echo;
the sounds from the Halloween party, making light the darkness


Another form of poetry I have just stumbled across, this; a Sestina, or Sextain

Six words are repeated through six stanzas made up of six lines (the words end each line), and then a three line stanza, or ‘envoi’ (as we in the know know) has one of the words included in each line with another one ending it.

The words are repeated in a set pattern:

1: A, B, C, D, E, F

2: F, A, E, B, D, C

3: C, F, D, A, B, E

4: E, C, B, F, A, D

5: D, E, A, C, F, B

6: B, D, F, E, C, A

And the envoi: AB CD EF

The words I used for this (just as it happened) attempt were: