Kayleigh Hope peered through the Ocular lens, watching the green-coloured liquid dance rhythmically on the slide after she’d added a single drop of high-oxygen concentrate solution, some of which seemed to walk itself off onto the stage below – at least out of the view she could see.

She could hear the thunder echoing around the cave outside, and instinctively looked up at the fake windows, momentarily forgetting the video feed had malfunctioned a few days before and found herself staring at nothing but a blank white view.

She brought her attention back to the microscope, and noticed that while the liquid was still dancing, a metamorphic exchange was taking place – the liquid was changing colour and consistency before her eyes; the liquid around the edge becoming red and returning to the normal colour of blood.

She started to type her findings into the small computer console embedded into the table top, and felt something touch her head.

Another droplet of water landed with a splat on the table top, between the microscope and terminal.

She looked up at the ceiling just a second too late, as a torrent of water poured down upon her and the desk in front of her, causing a static burst which pinned her hands to the desk just as the thickened dancing liquid crept across her left fingers.

‘Alien Psychic’ is a new serial story, written for Six Sentence Stories, and this is part one. The prompt word this week is ‘Exchange’.

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