I have no idea where the title to this post came from; it just sprang to mind before I started typing, and I decided to go with it. I think I read it somewhere, or heard it said in a film or something – it is kind of common though, thinking about it.

Love how my mind wanders at times! I always digress in one way or another when I start writing. Makes it more fun, I suppose.

You may have noticed (or you may not have, which is probably more likely) I have taken a little break away from Blogland. Just a few days to allow my overactive imagination to settle down a little and to power down the cogs for a short while.

I’m always amazed at how a little break does wonders… my mind now feels less cluttered, somehow; and clearer.

Sorry, not sorry! Like I said in the title, I wuz forced, guvna, at least by my own hands. I always use the blog as an escape, as with writing we can go anywhere and be anything/one, but this time, I needed (probably wanted is a better phrase) an escape from the escape.

Please forgive me, if you were looking forward to reading more of my waffle!

Forgive my last minute decision, but be aware I will be taking more short breaks from now on. I enjoy posting daily, sometimes more than once a day, as it connects me to the greater world, beyond the Mansion and the Grinds, but posting daily isn’t as important to me as it once was.

Me: You don’t need to post everyday, just as often as you like!

Thank goodness I clarified that with myself… I have now given myself permission to post whenever, however and wherever (I have a few blogs!) and to take mini-breaks whenever I need them. Fabulous!

You: I hadn’t really noticed, but thanks for telling me.





There are some bloggers who can’t post at the moment, who are taking breaks for their own reasons, and my thoughts are with them.

30 thoughts

  1. It’s wonderful when we give our selves permission to be absent without leave.. AWOL ..
    And it’s so refreshing to disconnect to just BE..
    I always find I cone back clearer minded and enriched.
    And I’m sure we will soon discover more humorous, and more tales from the Mansion are richer than ever..

    Keep enjoying those regular breaks Tom, we need to nurture ourselves too.
    Enjoy your weekend 🌟🥰

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    1. We do indeed, Sue! 😃
      And you too, it’s a bit cooler here today, but that’s lulling us falsely into next week, I believe! 🌞


        1. Yes… indeed…
          I’ve been totally looking the other way recently, Sue, and have avoided ALL news. Found out the other day about the latest government goings on. I feel like I’ve been off-world. It’s fabulous! 🤣
          It’s feeling warm here again now, but I’m taking things nice and slowly!


          1. Best way Tom. Just keep our thoughts for the highest good .. They will all take a tumble soon enough.. give them enough rope, and already the knots are tied.
            Enjoy… I’m just finishing up drafting a post on dandelions which may or may not surface this weekend.. 😅
            Big hugs 🫂 🤗

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  2. I definitely noticed your absence as you are one of my faithful followers. 🙂 But definitely understand!! The reasons for taking a break (and we all have them) need not be explained. But I’m glad to know you will be back. I enjoyed our little back and forths! You are fun and always positive.

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    1. Last week’s heat gave me a little shove too, Elaine. It was nice just being, rather than doing, for a few days. And yes, that is a euphemism for me being totally lazy! 😊😁🤣

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    1. Thanks, Diane! 🙂
      I like the challenge of trying to post daily, but sometimes the days seem to run out of hours before I get chance!
      I remember when you posted weekly 🙃🙂 – the thing is, we’re still here posting after all this time, so whenever we post, it’s all good!
      And you know me… Feeling Good is a must! 😄

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  3. Blogging should be fun and not pressurised so mini breaks are an ideal way to recharge the batteries and be inspired with new ideas born out of the mini beak activities😀 And if you’re lucky you get back and find lots of lovely comments to catch up with, as people have explored your site in your absence!

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    1. Exactly! On both counts, Icewolf. 🙂
      I’m on a break from the break right now, but I’ll be back soon. Both there and here, if you know what I mean…!


      1. Having been forced to take an entirely INvoluntary break myself, I am now looking forward to seeing what I may have missed….it may take some time to get round everyone though! Hopefully you will be bored with your break by now and stay being back here😉😆

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