Beyond the Sphere

The Hole

The hole is a home. Not the whole hole, but part. The hole is home to Well, it’s not a rat Or a vole Or a mole Though it has soul. Not the rat, vole or mole, but… Read More

Never was my nose so bulbous

Proboscis. Dainty as a flower it sounds. Though not in the elongated appendage from the head of an animal description In dictionaries the definition abounds. My hooter is now a proboscis. Not dainty by any means. The size… Read More


“Thith” Hissed the serpent with a lisp. “_____” Shook the snake with no rattle. “Ribck” Croaked the toad with a frog in its throat. And all the witch could do was cackle. (All images found on Pixabay)

Wordle: Attire

I dress I confess Like I belong to a sect But I don’t And I won’t Go down that channel I inject Humour no less As a treat To this tale To traverse The torrid Turmoil Of the… Read More

Lateness or Neverness

Lateness or Neverness… Which is the betterness? And can one be forgivensome With no good excuse? Lateness or Neverness… In the realms of togetherness Need something not troublesome With not much to do So, Lateness or Neverness… Lateness… Read More