Beyond the Sphere

The Hole

The hole is a home. Not the whole hole, but part. The hole is home to Well, it’s not a rat Or a vole Or a mole Though it has soul. Not the rat, vole or mole, but… Read More

Never was my nose so bulbous

Proboscis. Dainty as a flower it sounds. Though not in the elongated appendage from the head of an animal description In dictionaries the definition abounds. My hooter is now a proboscis. Not dainty by any means. The size… Read More


“Thith” Hissed the serpent with a lisp. “_____” Shook the snake with no rattle. “Ribck” Croaked the toad with a frog in its throat. And all the witch could do was cackle. (All images found on Pixabay)

Wordle: Attire

I dress I confess Like I belong to a sect But I don’t And I won’t Go down that channel I inject Humour no less As a treat To this tale To traverse The torrid Turmoil Of the… Read More

Lateness or Neverness

Lateness or Neverness… Which is the betterness? And can one be forgivensome With no good excuse? Lateness or Neverness… In the realms of togetherness Need something not troublesome With not much to do So, Lateness or Neverness… Lateness… Read More

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Smoke and Mirrors and Safety First

The bearded wizard blinded By a hout of control hash cloud The haudience were reminded Not to try this hat home Safety First. A random nonsense rhyme for Wednesday. Why not?


As clear as the eye can see It’s clearly transparent, see? But when seeing something you cannot see Does this alter the transparency? Art takes many forms, but I wonder if anyone has posted a transparent picture before?… Read More

Perfect for Flying (Or Luna Ticks the Box)

                       Grab the broom                   And dust the sky   Sprinkle magic from up high                 Scream and laugh by the Moon                  The Moon. The MOON.Cackle through the windswept hair Feel the elements           Up there. Up there.                              … Read More

Deep Red

Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary Wasn’t pleasing, to hear her talk Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary Was missing its celery stalk Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary Angered her, it must be said Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary Caused her to see Deep… Read More

Midnight Feast

Pies and pastries and pasta and pizza Potato salad and perfect ham rolls Not the best to be stuffing one’s face with At midnight, I suppose Quiche and brioche and peach and cheesecake Custard and strawberries and cream… Read More

Wordle: Great Outdoors

There was a wise grandmother Who looked at the sky She could see the week’s weather Without seeming to try She knew if a storm was coming As plants stood firm and braced And house sparrows flew at… Read More

Light Pollution

Bright horizons In the dark of night Might to some Be a warming sight But when the skies at night are bright They may awake those who sleep light Yet those who slumber Right and tight Won’t wake… Read More