Silent is the Sky

Silent is the sky
Tranquil blue behind the clouds
Where turbulence reigns

Silent is the sky
Distant blue above the clouds
A glimmer of hope

Silent is the sky
A cheery welcoming blue
For when the clouds move

Ten Minute Doodle: Hello Blossom!

A quick Splodge and Splatter of a few colours to give the impression of blossom, to give the impression of Spring, to remove the impression of Winter that has once again descended.  Of course, the white could also be snow, but we’ll not go there.

The Storm

Winds rasp as they build up pace
Rattling through passage, any open space
Rattling chains and swirling sticks
Rattling nerves and primitive instincts
Rubbing up and down this way or t’other
Pranking letterboxes, moving covers
Rain soaks legs that planned for better
Coats and brollies make them wetter
All bar none escape the caper
‘Part from those who stay in ‘til later!



And I’ve been dancing in it!

Well, it rained for about five minutes this morning whilst I was driving, but I was still dancing in the car… thus in the rain! I soon had to stop, however, as when I switched on my windscreen wipers, the windscreen was smeared and caked in a thick, gloopy, muddy layer. A quick windscreen-swill later, and my vision was restored; although the rain was gone.

A grey day remained – which was fabulous! I’m not too keen on it being too hot.

Today’s watercolour, my thirteenth, took less than ten minutes to do. What do you mean ‘I can tell!’? I’ll have you know that this is a wet on wet painting, so it had to be quick. I pretended to be painting it in the rain, and one wouldn’t really want to be doing that for long, would one? I also allowed the paint to do what it wanted, after I’d given it a gentle push.

It does have a wet look, which I quite like, and I also like the reflections (I think I like painting reflections – I wonder if there’s a meaning in that somewhere?) but it is also intended to have an abstract feel to it. Well, it has to have, really, hasn’t it?

Not all watercolours need to be scenes though, so 13/13 for #WorldWatercolorMonth is a view of something through the rain.

Letters To The Universe… The Weathered Edition

Dear The Rain,
My, you were strong the other day, weren’t you? I only took a couple of steps out in you, and I was drenched! You were very invigorating though, which is always a bonus. Now, if you could just make yourself a little warmer it would be all the better… you were slightly warmer the other day, I must add. Just.

Dear The Wind,
Yes, I know that I need to have my haircut (it’s that time of the year already!) so thank you for highlighting the fact to me as I walked through you at a ninety degree angle trying to stay upright. Feeling you tear through my flowing locks was most enjoyable, although my cheeks felt as though they were on fire once I’d got indoors. And my hair looked wild, but we shan’t mention that here.

Dear Frosty Mornings,
You are catching me out this week. The other day, it was 14 degrees C, and most balmy. The following morning it was 1C with a layer of frost everywhere. It took an absolute age for some reason to defrost my car, but as it’s now April, shouldn’t the mornings be a little warmer? Especially now that they are lighter as well. Just a thought.

Dear Clouds,
I’ve watched you recently release your water droplets onto us. I find it most fascinating how in one area you can pour your raindrops in a torrential manner, yet in others it seems to be a mere drizzle. It’s like watching sheets of water at times. Like I say most fascinating, but I can’t help but wonder if you have specific targets in your eyes. If you have eyes, that is…

Dear Temperatures,
Time for you to be rising, my fine friends. Just do it gradually so as not to zonk us all out by suffering from heat exhaustion when you suddenly surprise us with a steaming hot day. Working up to it is fine with me.

Dear The Word Moonbroch,
Such a pleasure to have discovered you. I see you often but never knew there was a name for you… well, apart from the name I gave you, ‘Moonbow’. Yes, I know you are slightly different from an actual Moonbow, with you being a full halo around the Moon at night and a Moonbow looking more like a Rainbow; but to me you’re similar. I think more of you olde worlde words should make a comeback!

Dear Blogland,
Last week you may remember I posted a selection of terrible jokes (you may have missed them, but I’d inserted a hash character at the beginning of each one which changed the font to visible-from-the-Moon size, so missing them may have been unlikely…) to try to slip into a conversation. They went down so well, here area few others. (Hopefully I won’t make a hash this week!):
– Can February March? No, but April May…
– Why is the letter A like a flower? A bee comes after it…
– How do you prevent a Summer cold? Catch it in the Winter…
– What cloud is so lazy, it won’t get up? Fog…
– How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it…

Dear Blogland,
I profusely apologise for the jokes featured in a previous letter. I am well aware that a couple of the jokes aren’t totally based on fact, but they do generate an involuntary smirk if they are read without giving them much thought. And yes, some are slightly weathered, but that makes them fit more into this week’s theme.

Dear Summer Nights,
Won’t be too long before you’ll be gracing our presences again – not that I’m wishing time away, I hasten to add – but could I pop in an early request that you bring with you a few nice gentle Summer Breezes. On your really hot nights when sleep is impossible, those breezes make all the difference!

And Finally, Dear Fresh Mornings,
How wonderful you are whatever the weather, and I’d like to show my gratitude for seeing you each and every time. Long may this continue to be the case! Thank you.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I mentioned a Moonbroch in an earlier letter, so here’s a blurry photo of one to finish…

… well, I have to finish with a photo of some kind, and I love seeing the Moon, no matter how hazy or branch-covered or bright it may be!

Have a fabulous weekend once again!