Beyond the Sphere

Friday Thoughts

As the weather has been somewhat magnificent this week, I have taken to walking more rather than driving. All perfectly fine, and no crowded areas so social distancing isn’t an issue. Where there are people, there’s enough space… Read More

The Walk

The air was thick and humid. Heat trapped beneath the thickening clouds above made everything feel close. Tense. The light, subdued a little by the cloud cover, had a yellowish tinge to it. Every so often the silence… Read More

Silent is the Sky

Silent is the sky Tranquil blue behind the clouds Where turbulence reigns Silent is the sky Distant blue above the clouds A glimmer of hope Silent is the sky A cheery welcoming blue For when the clouds move

Ten Minute Doodle: Hello Blossom!

A quick Splodge and Splatter of a few colours to give the impression of blossom, to give the impression of Spring, to remove the impression of Winter that has once again descended.  Of course, the white could also… Read More

The Storm

Winds rasp as they build up pace Rattling through passage, any open space Rattling chains and swirling sticks Rattling nerves and primitive instincts Rubbing up and down this way or t’other Pranking letterboxes, moving covers Rain soaks legs… Read More