Out walking earlier this morning, I came across these blue flowers (very tall!) so I took one or two photos of one. When I was checking them back at the Mansion, I saw this little critter had mysteriously appeared… out of the blue! Hehehe!

It was very bright, in my defence, and I was concentrating on the button on the mobile phone rather than what was going on in the flower, but the appearance of the critter makes the still life all the more still, don’t you think?

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  1. I say, my friend, that the break has already lightened you (and I do not mean in context) – let me rephrase that:
    It has widen your lens while maintaining the, already existing, sharp focus.

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    1. I’m not entirely sure about the focus, Nick… I spotted the blue flowers, so wanted to take a photo. I didn’t see neither the critter nor the curly stamen until later on! And, I only spotted the critter after I’d spotted the curly stamen! Hehehe! I really must pay more attention – but then… where’s the surprise? 😀

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  2. You were looking into the cool blue 💙 eyes 👀 of a star wolf 🐺 Tom! They are mysterious creatures and what you see within those cosmic eyes is not always what you get…
    Hence you did not immediately see the curly ends or the little critter, straight away…it definitely wasn’t there on my 1st look! It slipped in on my peripheral vision when I changed the angle of view….all very mysterious…change the angle of view again and it disappeared 🤔 The curly ends look like the part of a pair of scissors ✂️ 👈 😃

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    1. They do look like scissors, don’t they? 😃 And as for seeing/not seeing, I think the cosmic blue eyes of the Star Wolf have merged with that massive solar flare we’re going through (have gone through), enabling me to look at things just slightly differently. I may miss more things, Icewolf, as I’m looking this other way… 🤔🙂


      1. Your ‘looking this other way…’ will be something of a loss for the rest of us by the sound of things, but so long as you happy and doing the right thing for you at this moment of your life, then I am happy for you. Maybe not so much so for myself…🤔

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