Sticky Fingers

Valnetine’s, by Fnigers

Valnetine’s is a snigleton’s curse
Love dup couples
Some on ostyers, worse
Sharing glanecs arc oss a crowsed room
Candlelihgt banshing away the gloom
Table for one with prics for two
And they only serve copules tir a meesoo
Herat shaped steaks
And fanyc cakes
With showoof couples
On expnesive dates
Feeding each other ices cram
Without a spon
Then left with sticky fnigers
Groan. Too much too soon.

And here’s the version in English (for those who can’t read Fingers’ expert typing) (Fingers is my Inner Typist, by the way) (and formatted into a love-heart):

Valentine’s is a        singleton’s curse
Loved up couples – some on oysters (worse!)
Sharing glances across a crowded room
With candlelight banishing away the gloom.
Table for one with prices for two
and they only serve couples
Heart-shaped steaks
And fancy cakes
With show-off couples on expensive dates
feeding each other ice cream – without a spoon
Then left with sticky fingers…
Too much.
Too soon.

10 Comments on “Sticky Fingers

  1. You make me chuckle TL…When your creative button is activated you get running so fast you have smoke coming out of your ears. You are on a roll now…Fly wherever it takes you….VK 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • As long as you seem to be living in the Mansion’s art department these days, how about a pic of a dino with a TL head? That would be good symbolism for you and your love of flying 🙂 VK


        • Or maybe just me with a pair of wings, VK? The thing is, when I fly, I don’t need wings… I just do it.
          You’ve planted a seed for a new blog header, though, which I shall look into after this Hal – er – Valentine’s madness is over!


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