Beyond the Sphere

Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts It’s been another relaxing week here at the Mansion, and outside in the Wider World. The weather’s been warmish, although, apparently, it is expected to become scorching over the next few days. I don’t mind the… Read More


Imagination stretches beyond the boundaries of all that is possible. The imagination is unlimited, but it is the mind that sets limits. How far out must we go to be able to tap into the freedom of the… Read More


My imagination has gotten the better of me again. It took me to my Place of Peace and Tranquility and gave me a different view of the waterfall that’s there. I quickly had to capture the scene from… Read More

Wordle: Cacophonous Ponderings

Nothing has carried me further since the day I was born Than the string of thoughts within my imagination From picking flowers deep beneath the waves Of a faraway sea to riding a solid beam of light From… Read More

Wordle: Change Begins Now

Cheat the system Take a leap of faith Reap rewards With a smile on your face Climb to heights Of which you dream But act gracefully No need to preen Look around Take in what you see Calmly… Read More