Wordle: Cacophonous Ponderings

Nothing has carried me further since the day I was born
Than the string of thoughts within my imagination
From picking flowers deep beneath the waves
Of a faraway sea to riding a solid beam of light
From a fabulous New Moon/ Full Moon/ Blue Moon
Shaking away the cobwebs
Bathing in the light
Swimming with the dolphins
Collecting starlight
Walking in the desert
Rolling in the snow
Riding on a whale
That was happy for me to do so
Nothing fires the trigger
I mean I think and away I go
A poor man’s holiday? Absolutely no!
I just think and write and post
At my cacophonous ponderings’ say so

27 Comments on “Wordle: Cacophonous Ponderings

  1. Very true my friend – the mind can travel to places and examine concepts a poor human being never could.

    Long live our dreams!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  2. Love many of your lines in this Tom
    “Swimming with the dolphins
    Collecting starlight
    Walking in the desert
    Rolling in the snow

    Don’t you just love our imagination.. Where anything and everything is possible xx

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    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m not sure if my imagination has personified itself yet… although, I’m getting an image of a lion cub for some reason…


      • Because of the socialization process (school,etc.), our imaginations are too often caged in by rules and someone else’s definitions. It’s up to us to give it permission to find its true width and depth. Perhaps even releasing it back to the wild it came from. This is what popped into my head, when I read your comment. I’d like to hear what you think, okay?


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        • Firstly, I love this video, Elizabeth, so thank you for sharing it.
          I think we do have to allow our imaginations to wander, and be free… we can experience many a great thing without leaving our armchair… but it’s what we do with the experience next that really matters.


          • I love the video as well, might be why when you said ‘lion cub’, it immediately came to mind. And I so agree with you about what we do with our experience, is what matters. When I was in my early thirties, I tried to learn some meditation techniques. I accidentally (or otherwise), created a Personal Mythology peopled by wild creatures, who spoke to me and taught me a great deal about myself, and about human behavior. And eventually, I met the dragons, (coping mechanisms from childhood). Each of these creatures represent some aspect of my own personality, have names, and a story to tell. I was having fun and didn’t realize, at first, exactly what was going on. But, what I learned was that the most important aspect, in all of this, is to trust one’s own mind. We are, most often, taught not to do that. A while back, I believe you wrote, in a comment on one of my posts, that you would be interested in just such an endeavor. You can find the beginnings of that journey here:



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