Wordle: Change Begins Now

Cheat the system
Take a leap of faith
Reap rewards
With a smile on your face
Climb to heights
Of which you dream
But act gracefully
No need to preen
Look around
Take in what you see
Calmly does it
While others flee
Seal your future
With a single truth
You own your life
And it’s not uncouth
So when sirens sound
However feeble you feel
Lean on your Inner Strength
Make your changes real


18 Comments on “Wordle: Change Begins Now

  1. I did have minor concerns when you were cheating the system and the sirens sounded, but hey if you can get away with it who am I to argue?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, Oldegg, anything that fires that spark is always good! I wasn’t really cheating the system though… I added that for dramatic effect!


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