Beyond the Sphere

Come, Fly with Me!

Even without a breeze, the currents are good once we get going. Gravity keeps us grounded, but once we become free of that gravitational pull we are free to go. Free to soar into the skies. The first… Read More

The Walk

The air was thick and humid. Heat trapped beneath the thickening clouds above made everything feel close. Tense. The light, subdued a little by the cloud cover, had a yellowish tinge to it. Every so often the silence… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Around Bedtime

“Husband, what are you doing out here beneath the stars?” Ellimayee gestured upwards with both hands. “I’m contemplating the Universe.” King Rabletop III replied as he knelt in the quickly cooling sand. “But why under the watchful eyes… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Whilst Posing

“This will be the main image for the Big Chamber, husband. It can go on the big wall.” Queen Ellimayee told King Rabletop III whilst trying to stay as still as she possibly could, as the chief decorator… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Whilst Shopping

“Husband, what is it?” Queen Ellimayee looked on as her husband, King Rabletop III emerged from the store and stood at the top of the steps, his hands out in front of him. “This store is rubbish!” He… Read More