Come, Fly with Me!

Even without a breeze, the currents are good once we get going. Gravity keeps us grounded, but once we become free of that gravitational pull we are free to go. Free to soar into the skies.

The first steps into take off are always tricky. Gravity doesn’t want us to leave the ground, but with the power of the mind, and with the power of belief we get passed that. Imagine climbing a set of stairs. First step we still touch the ground. Second step, the same. But with each step we take we get higher. Flying is the same, only without the stairs and without the stepping!

There. We’re passed the first hurdle. Easy, see?

Gravity is now surrounding us, rather than pushing us down. It is holding us in place. We’re about two steps off the ground, hovering. We may not be high, but we are still flying.

The Walk

The air was thick and humid.

Heat trapped beneath the thickening clouds above made everything feel close. Tense. The light, subdued a little by the cloud cover, had a yellowish tinge to it.

Every so often the silence was broken by a long rumble of thunder. And within the rumbles came the occasional bright flash of lightning. Just a flash, no bolts or streaks.

My legs felt heavy as I walked. It felt as though I was walking against something, as though something was pushing me back every step I made. But I had to keep going. I had to keep moving forward.

I had to get back before the rains came. The signs were all there, a storm was definitely rolling in.

One step in front of the other, clothes stuck to my body as I moved. I had to keep going.

…But the rains would have been welcome.

A Long Long Time Ago Around Bedtime

“Husband, what are you doing out here beneath the stars?” Ellimayee gestured upwards with both hands.

“I’m contemplating the Universe.” King Rabletop III replied as he knelt in the quickly cooling sand.

“But why under the watchful eyes of the ancient pharaohs would you consider such a thing?”

“It has to be done, wife. Up there, out there, are all the answers we will ever need.”

“Maybe so, husband. But first, shouldn’t you have the questions?”

“I have a question, my queen, which is why I’m here contemplating. That group of stars up there,” Rabletop pointed directly overhead, “they look like a chicken. I feel I should name such a consternation, only I cannot think of the correct term to use.”

“Constellation, husband.”

“Yes… indeed. I hereby dename that chicken consternation ‘Constellation’. It has a celestial ring to it.”

Ellimayee looked toward the stars herself and headed back to bed.

A Long Long Time Ago Whilst Posing

“This will be the main image for the Big Chamber, husband. It can go on the big wall.” Queen Ellimayee told King Rabletop III whilst trying to stay as still as she possibly could, as the chief decorator looked on desperately trying to remember their poses in great detail. “Agnes, our chief servant, has already done her poses for the Upper and Lower Borders. We can add our regal poses for the left and right of the main image at a later time. We don’t want to overwork Cedric today.”

“Today?” Rabletop whispered in reply. “It will take him over a year just to mix the paint. It’s no wonder we look nothing like our images when they’re complete.”

“We have changed since our last portraits were done, I agree.” Ellimayee agreed.

“We haven’t changed that much. And Cedric’s excuse that the paint was cracking doesn’t wash with me either.”

A Long Long Time Ago Whilst Shopping

“Husband, what is it?” Queen Ellimayee looked on as her husband, King Rabletop III emerged from the store and stood at the top of the steps, his hands out in front of him.

“This store is rubbish!” He declared. “Not a grape in sight. Nor a pear. Nor a, erm, banana-thing.”

Ellimayee rolled her eyes. “Please, husband, when we get back to the Palace of the Sands, please consult the Book of Thoth once again. This is the home furnishings store. The fruit merchant is next door.”

Disgruntled, Rabletop screwed his face. “Please tell me again, wife, why we have come shopping and not commanded our servants to do so for us?”

“Because, husband, you said you wanted to get out with the people more.”

“Indeed I did,” Rabletop thumbed to the store behind him, “but I meant by getting out in the sun to give our commandments, not this!”