Beyond the Sphere

Ending on a high

She leant and held on, nervously chewing her lip. She knew herself that she was gullible, but in no way would she have ever seen herself being talked into doing this. Yet here she was. Strapped in. She… Read More

Freak or not?

I looked down on the lights of the streets and buildings below. Car headlights and taillights mixing with the yellows, oranges and whites of the streetlights seemed to create a multi-coloured maze of straight lines criss-crossing each other…. Read More

Unfurl, my wings

Standing on the cliff topWind howling all aroundSeagulls soaring both overhead and below I tear off my shirtUnfurl my wingsAnd launch upwards Outwards Onwards Into the great freedom that is before me; the unknown that is commonplace. At… Read More