Beyond the Sphere

One Minute Ramble: Eleanor Calls

As I write my right ankle throbs as if dancing to the sounds of Storm Eleanor who is whipping through the Grinds outside like nobody’s business. I’d actually typed ‘shipping’ through the Grinds there… and for a second… Read More

Saturday: A Day to Feel Good!

I’m just chilling, relaxing and resting The skies are grey, but hey! Nothing much to do but chill I really do love my Saturdays! Nothing much more to be said!

The Sound of Summer! Cruel Summer!

And here it is… my sixth and final choice for the Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer! This takes me back to the days of yesteryear when I was considerably younger, and the Summers were most definitely longer…. Read More

At one with the stars

I took myself to one side, listening to relaxing music. I allowed negative thoughts and feelings to come and go, to evaporate out of existence, to free my mind and clear my soul. I gave myself a keyword… Read More

The Sound of Summer! Both Sides Now!

After a week off, we now resume our search for the Sound of Summer here at Beyond the Sphere. It’s the late 1960s. My memories of that time are all through photographs (which is really one reason we… Read More