Beyond the Sphere

A Sign of Benevolence

For Becky’s KindaSquares today, I’ve opted for a kindly sign: a white feather. Feathers are one of the reminders that our Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters or Angels are with us, and keeping an eye on us. I’ve been… Read More


Standing in the Light is an Angel. Above is the same image without the sunburst. Which version do you perceive to be the better one? Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Flair / Flare

An Angel. An Angel with flair with flare. Posted for One Word Sunday.

Strength Light Hope

Strength ~ Light ~ Hope O’er distant lands And through clear blue skies Zephyrs of hope swirl expectantly Lit by the light Of a thousand dreams That dance in anticipation The belief holds firm That whatever is thrust… Read More

Angel Message

Even through darkness the light shines Even through silence the Universe listens Even through chaos there is order And even through confusion reason will be found