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Debbie’s one-word theme this last weekend was Silhouette. The first photo that sprung to mind instantly was this one of my little buddy Spudley the Cat, who is now spending her time gracing the Land of the Angels.

Then, I realised I had an angel figurine that I could try to photograph in Silhouette. The lighting wasn’t quite right, and some of the features are clearly visible, but I like the effect.

I then wanted to tie the image of the angel in with the image of Spudley, so I tweaked a slightly different image just a tad to use as my featured image.

Wordle: The Angel’s Realm

Breathe deeply
Enter the realm of the Angels
Reality left behind, free now of all restrictions
All complaints, all darkness and negativity
Feel the realm of the Angels
Feel only warmth, see only light
Feel peace and love and harmony
Fly in the realm of the Angels
See blessings to count
Turn bad vibes into Good Feelings
No more crosses to bear
Rest in the realm of the Angels
Wrapped in vast angelic wings
That gently brush and soothe
Return from the realm of the Angels
With a clean plate and fresh thoughts
New ideas for a new direction
Remember the realm of the Angels
Part experience, part dream
Part signpost for a new beginning
Know that the realm of the Angels
Is there forever, open whenever
And can be visited again and again
Breathe deeply
You’ve just reached out to the Angels
And they’ve touched you in return

Wordle: Angel’s Paradise

I can hear them.
I hear them laugh.
Sometimes, I hear them weep,
Which is a shock within this tranquil realm.
The clearest blue sky with the fluffiest white clouds,
Where all kinds of plants and flowers grow
A gentle brook flows
And a pleasant warmth surrounds.
A flutter of wings makes me turn
My spirits lift: will I see one?
Bird appears, twinkle in eye,
Hopping from branch to branch
With quilt-like leaves overhead.
My wit tells me they’re near
Their essence provides the spice
The beauty, the comfort, the rest
To this, their eternal paradise

At one with the stars

I took myself to one side, listening to relaxing music. I allowed negative thoughts and feelings to come and go, to evaporate out of existence, to free my mind and clear my soul.

I gave myself a keyword should such negative thoughts return. My keyword is simple and easy to remember.


I allowed myself, in my mind’s eye, to fade out of reality and to connect with the Universal oneness that is all around. I found myself flying freely between the stars, but oddly I found I had a pair of wings that carried me. Gently I glided and looked at the beauty of everything that surrounded me. I felt warmth in my heart, and an inner peace that I had never felt before.

I noticed some thoughts trying to creep in, but I merely thought of my keyword and they disappeared again.


I thought of only positive aspects. Good health and good well-being. I didn’t think of needs, I didn’t need to, at that moment in time I had everything I needed. I was everything.

I thought of how would I be when I returned to reality. How would this one experience change me? How could I keep within all of the exquisite feelings of connection and carry it with me from this moment on? I then realised I wasn’t meant to. I was meant to share the experience, pass it on so that as many people as possible, if they so wish, could take their own moment to experience it as well.

Through the magnificent Universe, I noticed different coloured lights appearing all around me. Golds, and reds, and oranges, yellow, blue, turquoise – every colour imaginable and then some never before seen. I then started to hear names, whispered inside my mind. I heard Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Zophiel, Sariel… I realised the Angels were with me.

I asked how could I know they would be with me when I’m back in reality. Through no words, I had the feeling they are always with me, but me being me asked if they could show me signs, many signs, multiple signs to remind me they are there. Here.

The Angels want to help. They want us to know they are here. And they will show me signs when I need them, but they will not step in for anything. They will simply guide, and allow me the freedom to make my own choices when I reach those inevitable crossroads that come along every so often.

They reminded me of my keyword.


And may peace be with you also.