Another Sunrise

The child cuddled the fox until the Sun rose.

The fox’s paw was now healed, after the child had released it from a trap in a nearby field, and bathed it in a magical light, the colour of the Moon, from her own hands.

When the Sun was fully in the sky, the child released the fox, who playfully licked the child’s cheek before bouncing off through the flowers in the clearing.

The fox looked back just in time to see the child rise into the sky, her wings now outstretched.

Archangel Ariel smiled as the fox rejoined her cubs.


The Bag Lady (Cheryl) recently asked me to write something based on the above picture, so this is my response, in a hundred words.


Debbie’s one-word theme this last weekend was Silhouette. The first photo that sprung to mind instantly was this one of my little buddy Spudley the Cat, who is now spending her time gracing the Land of the Angels.

Then, I realised I had an angel figurine that I could try to photograph in Silhouette. The lighting wasn’t quite right, and some of the features are clearly visible, but I like the effect.

I then wanted to tie the image of the angel in with the image of Spudley, so I tweaked a slightly different image just a tad to use as my featured image.

Wordle: The Angel’s Realm

Breathe deeply
Enter the realm of the Angels
Reality left behind, free now of all restrictions
All complaints, all darkness and negativity
Feel the realm of the Angels
Feel only warmth, see only light
Feel peace and love and harmony
Fly in the realm of the Angels
See blessings to count
Turn bad vibes into Good Feelings
No more crosses to bear
Rest in the realm of the Angels
Wrapped in vast angelic wings
That gently brush and soothe
Return from the realm of the Angels
With a clean plate and fresh thoughts
New ideas for a new direction
Remember the realm of the Angels
Part experience, part dream
Part signpost for a new beginning
Know that the realm of the Angels
Is there forever, open whenever
And can be visited again and again
Breathe deeply
You’ve just reached out to the Angels
And they’ve touched you in return