After a week off, we now resume our search for the Sound of Summer here at Beyond the Sphere.

It’s the late 1960s. My memories of that time are all through photographs (which is really one reason we need to take more photographs now – things change awfully quickly nowadays!) and a lot of the photos scream out love! and flower power. They also seem bright and sunny, although I’m sure back then, like today, the weather was changeable and there was rain. Warm, summery rain with thunder thrown in for good measure. Perfect to cool off on a hot and sticky Summer’s afternoon.

We’ve just dashed inside on such an afternoon, and this song is playing on the wireless:

That was Judy Collins, and this is Susan Boyle:

As always, all credits to the writers, artists, production crews, lighting, sound, broadcasters, and other creatives involved in creating these amazing sounds. I’m just sharing your hard work here.

Next week is my last choice. And after that the voting will commence, and we will finally decide on Beyond the Sphere’s Sound of Summer!


  1. Susan looks much improved after her appearance on BGT – I still remember the crowd taking the piss until she opened her mouth and proved what a singer she is!!! 🙂

    Needless to say she’s one of my heroes!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  2. Great memory making for us TL….Great time period in the history of the world for sure! This is why we need a strong force of music right now. Changing paradigms is no small feat and yet we do not have music to capture this amazing moment in our story and music is what brings hearts and minds together. This is what the people need to get glued together and finally end this madness and usher in the new world! We need more flowing and free thought like the 60’s gave us all. We’ve become too rigid! Can you sing or play music TL? Later Gator….VK 🙂

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    1. It has a fine line to it, music, VK. Each period needs to have a sound that link it to the period, as in the sixties style for example, but today’s music all sounds the same. I’m sure someone will come along soon who is so unique and original they’ll define this period. Well, I hope so, anyway!

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